I Feel Better Since Ive Stopped Caring

I’ve stopped caring about the way my actions make me look. I have a soft heart. I have strong morals. I’m not going to screw over anyone who doesn’t deserve it. I’m not going to walk out of someone’s world unless I have a good reason. I’m confident in my kindness — and that’s all that matters. I’ve stopped worrying about the way other people view my actions. If someone wants to call me a bitch for deleting someone toxic from my life or choosing to place myself first in a certain situation, they can go nuts. Their opinion doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m not living my life in order to please anybody around me. I’m only trying to please myself.

I’ve stopped caring about reaching random milestones. I don’t have a five year plan anymore. I only have a plan. It doesn’t matter when those goals are reached as long as I keep taking steps forward every single day. I already put enough pressure on myself. I’m not going to make myself even more miserable by trying to reach certain milestones by certain times when the universe is unpredictable. I can’t control when my forever person is going to walk into my world or when the hard work I’ve been putting into my career is finally going to pay off. I’m done worrying about things that aren’t up to me. I’m only worrying about the things within my power.

I’ve stopped caring about getting along with everyone. I’m never going to default to cruelness — but I’m not going to go out of my way to chase after people who clearly don’t care about me either. If they don’t want anything to do with me, that’s not my problem. That’s not an indication of my value. Some people click. Other people clash. When someone isn’t interested in being my friend or boyfriend or girlfriend, I’m not going to fight to change their mind. They can think what they think. It’s none of my business anyway.

I’ve stopped caring about spending every weekend I’m not going to get lazy. I’m not going to lock myself inside constantly — but some weekends aren’t meant for adventures. Some weekends are meant for resting and recharging. I’m done feeling sorry for myself on the days when my schedule is blank. I’m going to enjoy those moments instead of trying to fill them with distractions. It’s okay if I don’t see my friends every two seconds. It’s okay to have time to myself.

I’ve wasted so many years caring about the way other people view me. I’ve drained so much energy trying to impress the rest of the world while neglecting my own needs. But I’m done with that now. I don’t need anyone else to approve of my choices. I don’t need anyone else to like me. I don’t need anyone else to give me validation because I already know my own value.

I feel so much better about myself since I’ve stopped caring. My stress levels are lower. My confidence is higher. Everything is better this way — so I’m not going back.


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