*EYE-ROLL* Hollywood’s video lecturing the LITTLE people about Mueller’s report is a dumpster fire of CRINGE (watch)

You have to wonder what goes on in the heads of Hollywood types who think they have any business speaking out as ‘experts’ on anything political. We get it, most of these famous types are desperate to remain relevant but c’mon already, give us a break.

There’s a reason they’re paid to read lines for a living.

The moment they start thinking for themselves we get something like this:

Full transparency, this editor couldn’t make it through the entire video.

The smug, arrogant, ignorance is literally painful.

But, but, but … read the report! Eleventy! IT CAN’T BE TRUE.

These people.

Sums it up nicely.


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Read more: https://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2019/06/21/eye-roll-hollywoods-video-lecturing-the-little-people-about-muellers-report-is-a-dumpster-fire-of-cringe-watch/

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