50 Meet-Cute Couple Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

These couples from Ask Reddit have THE cutest love stories.

1. I was waitressing, he came in all the time with his friends. Him and I became friendly, played jokes on each other, he grew to be one of my favorite regular customers.

Then, there were a few weeks when he didn’t show up at all, and I realized that I really missed him. I didn’t have any of his contact details. I told myself that if he ever came back in, I needed to take the chance and ask him out.

Next night he came in, I guess we both had the same idea. He asked me before I could. I wrote my number down on a piece of receipt paper (which he still has), we went out the next night, and we’ve been together ever since. He’s the love of my life.

2. Way back in 1980, I was working in south FL. A guy I worked with was retiring soon and had purchased a vacation cabin in north GA. He showed me a picture of the cabin and posing in front was a dark haired beauty who he identified as his daughter. I remarked she was very attractive.

Forward a few weeks and he tells me the daughter had just broken up with her boyfriend, was in the dumps, and asked if I wanted to ask her out.

We went on a blind date, were married 2 years later, and now have three grown children and planning where to go for our 37th anniversary.

3. We were at a business networking event where the rule was that you were not allowed to buy drinks for yourself, whatever you bought you had to put it into someone else’s hand as an opener to conversation. So this gorgeous brunette walked up to me, put a gin-and-tonic in my hand, and introduced herself.

Hello, wife.

4. I saw him in the grocery store, and I thought he was handsome. I approached him in frozen foods as he was looking at a 5 lb. bag of chicken nuggets. I asked if he was married, and when he said no, I asked if he would like to take me out some time. He put the bag of chicken nuggets on his head like he was about to pass out and we both laughed. We are married with 4 year old twin boys now. 🙂 10/10 would recommend approaching a handsome stranger in the supermarket.

5. Soccer game. I was watching my good “girl friend” at the time play. Game ends and I go down to the field to congratulate her. Asked her where the other team was from, and I never heard of the place, so I said fuck it, went over to the cutest girl on the other team, gave her my number, and here I am 4.3 years later with a girl I hope to marry. Having a pair of balls and saying fuck it can either pay off tremendously or back fire horribly.

6. I am a Match.com commercial for the wife. I had sent her a message after her account expired. She renewed her account, got my message, and 10 years later we are married with 3 kids and a dog.

7. We were both character performers at Disney. We danced down the street together and couldn’t even see each other’s actual bodies at all, but the sweaty banter afterwards did it.

8. Online dating. Moved half-way across the country to be with her. I always wanted a nerdy-gamer girl for a girlfriend and I got my wish.

Totally worth the move.

Cannot emphasize how fantastic online dating is to introverts, once you get over the ridiculous amount of rejection, and accept that patience is your friend, and lastly, learn to be honest and put effort into your messages/profile.

9. OkCupid. After wafting through about 2 years of bullshit, failed dates, ghosting, etc I messaged this girl. At that point I was desensitized; why bother putting effort into your first message when 95% of girls don’t reply?

I hit her with some really corny dad joke and she did reply and laughed. We got to talking, eventually agreed to meet up for a beer.

We agreed going in that we’d start with just a beer and lay everything out on the table. If either of us wanted to cancel the date we would, no hard feelings. A beer turned into two, turned into dinner. That turned into a second date, then a third. The first year turned into a second, then a third.

Now we’re engaged and just booked a wedding venue.

10. That bitch t-boned me. She said she’d let me take her to dinner if we didn’t get the insurance involved. Having typed that out, I now see I got fucked that day on so many levels.

11. Worked together. I was supposed to have a party for all people at the job. My heat went out that day so I had to cancel. She didn’t get the message and showed up. Asked her if she wanted to take some shots of of Jack Daniel’s and get “warm”. Twelve years later still taking shots and getting “warm” on a regular basis!

12. No idea where I got the nerve but she was sitting on a blanket alone watching a group of us doing medieval combat reenactments. Didn’t get a good look at her before I plopped down beside her and said hi. She turned and smiled and I immediately thought, “Oh hell. She is way out of my league.” Turns out I got her on the rebound nearly 32 years ago. Still out of my league.

13. I was at a birthday party for a friend. He was the friend of my friend’s boyfriend. We hit it off right away.

14. We were both in a psychiatric hospital. We’ve been together almost 13 years. I was there for depression and anxiety, he was there to avoid a homeless shelter. I know it sounds crazy, but it kinda works out for us. We’ve gotten in a much better financial situation.

15. We met at a friend’s Halloween party – I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan, and of course, he was dressed as Harry Potter. The rest is history!

16. We all met up at the home of a mutual friend to go to a festival together. I arrived first and was told to open the door when she knocked. She saw me and said “You’re not !” We drunkenly hooked up at the party later that night and are now happily married with children.

17. I was sitting in the parking lot at a gas station. He parked his truck on the corner where you aren’t supposed to park. I yelled at him. We got married.

18. College! We had a few classes together and he kept staring at me from afar. I went up to him one day and said hi, he dropped the bagel he was eating and I knew he had it bad for me. That was almost 9 years ago and we’ve been married for almost 5 years. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me…

19. Reddit, actually! We were both active in a dating sub (a sub about a dating app, not a sub specifically for dating) which ended up creating a fitness challenge (the general idea began as, improve yourself so you can be a better partner and find someone!) We were placed in the same fitness group and really hit it off. 3.5 years later, we’re planning our wedding.

20. On the train. He was on his way back from seeing a client, I was on my way back from working at a trade fair. Neither of us felt particularly like talking but somehow we didn’t stop talking once we started. We exchanged numbers and kept messaging /talking back and forth and started dating not quite a month later. That fateful train ride was 4 years ago. We’ve been happy with each other (and uncharacteristically talkative around each other) ever since and got married last year.

21. First day of grad school, she was sitting behind me and I was typing on my iPad. She showed me that if I took two fingers and slid them apart over the keyboard the keyboard would shift and I could use my thumbs easier to type. We are now happily married and typing on my iPad is much easier.

22. In the work break room. He was putting a Totinos party pizza in the microwave (poor college kid) and I was like, “Those don’t go in a microwave.” Married almost 12 years now, I’m still bossy but his cooking skills have improved.

23. I had a coworker who set me up on a blind date with his sister in law. It was a bbq at his house. When I got there, I saw this gorgeous woman with an ass so fantastic it brought tears to my eyes. And speaking of eyes, hers were magical. So bright and when she smiles, her entire face lit up. Unfortunately this was his wife. Her sister was nice but not for me. I thought about the guys wife almost every day. But I never acted on my feelings. A couple of years later, he got divorced and she called me. She had been thinking about me, too. We dated for 3 months and got married.

18 years later, still going strong. And dat ass… mmm mmmm mmm.

24. She was the first person to get in my cab the first day I started driving cabs. We’re still married 25 years later.

25. We both worked part time at Macy’s while going to school. Unbeknownst to each other, we both had a rule of not dating anyone that we worked with. I casually knew her since she was a flyer and worked different departments, but I would see her every once in a while working the department that was on the way to the punch in/out clock. One day, while entering the store for work, she was leaving and she tells me tomorrow is her last day. I asked for her number and we’ve been together ever since. That was back in 1985.

26. She worked at the cookie store in the mall, and I worked at a knife store nearby. I would close my store for hours on end to hang out with her.

27. She was a personal shopper at Macy’s. My mom, looking out for her son, told this really cute girl she was helping find a jacket for to “look up my son on facebook.’

Well, she did, and 6 years later (2016) we got married, and my mom died 6 weeks after our wedding. She was so proud of what she did. As we sit here expecting our first child, I wish she was here every day. She would be so proud. I miss her so much.

28. Ok Cupid. First time I tried online dating, and I was the LAST person he tried meeting on online dating. I didn’t put a picture up, and he took a chance anyways. Married with a kid and a home 7 years later

29. We met at work and casually dated for a few weeks before I got really sick. I was hospitalized for a while and it was very traumatic. He insisted on staying by my side throughout the whole ordeal, and we are happily married 10 years later.

30. A few weeks after a really rough breakup my friends decided to take me out to cheer me up. I met my current SO at the bar that night and we hit it off. I ended up taking him home that night thinking maybe I just needed rebound sex (I had never taken a guy home from the bar prior to this). He ended up texting me early the next morning and we’ve been inseparable ever since. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

31. I was unemployed and had a job interview in the city (NYC) and was a few mins early for my interview so I stopped by a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee (I know Starbucks is terrible but I wanted a cold brew) while on line I noticed her but didn’t do anything because I was focused on this interview. Anyways she had an issue with her order and turned around and accidentally bumped spilled her coffee all over me, she apologized and offered to pay for my dry cleaning and we exchanged numbers and talked texting and ended up dating. Ended up didn’t going to that interview but ended up getting a better job so not only did I get the girl I also got a job.

32. I’m a commercial airline pilot and she’s a flight attendant. We met working together years ago when I was first starting out as a co-pilot.

I’m planning on retiring early in a few years, she quit her job about 5 years ago to stay home and take care of our kids.

We own a bed and breakfast out in northern California my wife runs while I’m away, and I’m looking forward to retirement so I can spend more time with her and the kids and helping her run the place.

33. I was enjoying a cigarette on the smoke deck (designated smoking area) when a girl came out, sat down and said, “God dammit, fuck this.” I told her to watch her mouth. She said, “Fuck you motherfucker, I can say whatever the fuck I want to say.” We have been married for 10 years last February.

34. My church choir (college freshmen congregation) had seven women in it. I was the only man. After our first performance in a service, a girl came up and asked me who I was, and complimented me on being brave enough to sing in front of everyone.

A few weeks later she’s leading a mid-week worship thing, and asks if I could sing something solo. I tell her yes, but I need an accompanist. She says she plays piano. I already thought she was cute, but when she started playing at our run-through, I was so breath-taken I missed my entrance.

It took me a while to ask her out, but four years later, we’re happily married.

35. We met on Neopets as kids and became best friends. Years later we realized we were both into girls so it worked out perfectly and we’re engaged.

36. Staring at her boobs to drive a pervert away.

So we were in stage crew in high school. There was a healthy split of 40+ girls and 4-5 guys including me. There was a lot of flirting, and well… Just naughty behavior all around. Usually boundaries were well respected and everyone had a good time building sets and props.

My friend, the perv in this story, is annoying this girl and I can see her discomfort. I walk over and ask what he’s doing and she replies:

“He’s staring at my boobs and he’s not allowed to!”

To which I answered, “Am I allowed to?”

She said yes and I proceeded to enjoy the sight of her massive boobs for a few seconds until I see him in peripheral walk away pissed off. Afterwards, I apologize for his behavior and go back to work. She started talking to me more and eventually we found ourselves in a relationship now going on 7 years this July!

37. The day I met my husband in a college acting class. Our first class ice breaker was to walk around, and every time the professor said stop we had to stare into the eyes of the person closest to us.

We did this for 5 rounds. Guess who I had to stare at all 5 times?

We somehow got partnered up for our final acting scene despite not picking each other. We practiced for a few weeks and got to know each other and started going on dates after that. By the time we finished the class we were all over each other.

38. The scene: a shitty three story house with a sinking floor supported by a makeshift pillar in the basement. Every surface is sticky.

I’m in the back, taking a break from my friends in the midst of a small party. I love them deeply but also really wanted everyone to just sort of disappear for a little while. You know, how you usually feel on a Friday night that feels exactly like the last two dozen Friday nights.

I needed someone to complain to about how much I hated everyone else at the party at that moment. Saw a cute redhead I vaguely remembered from one class and was drunk enough to launch into a little rant without much of an introduction. Turns out she need to rant too.

39. First class on my first day in college, I see this beautiful girl waiting outside my class for the professor to unlock the door, and realize I have to be with her.

We started dating after a few weeks, and are married now.

Love at first sight.

40. We met at work! We got hired 6 months apart to design bridges and neither of us had ever designed a bridge before, although we had all the needed qualifications to make our boss believe we were capable of learning this. (In other words, we were both fresh out of engineering grad school and had a strong background in analysis.)

Our desks were side by side, and we liked each other immediately. Our dynamic was very much “office husband/office wife”. It stayed like that for two years. He was very good at designing bridges, as it turned out, and moved up quickly. I was only ok at designing bridges, and was not moving up, so I took a job in a different department (thankfully, I have moved up well here), and after I left, we realized we missed each other, and started dating.

We live together now, and couldn’t be happier. (He still designs bridges.)

41. College my sophomore year. I was on the men’s lacrosse team and she was on the women’s lacrosse team. It was the first week of school (I just transferred from another college) and I was sitting with a few people at lunch. She walked in and I asked my friends who she was and they let me know. I said “I’m going to end up marrying that girl.” She had a BF of 5 years (later found out that he was a dick) at the time and some guy that obviously liked her said “good luck trying to get that…” She eventually sat down at the same table as me and we chatted. Apparently one of the other girls on her team let her know what I said about marrying her later that day. I received a text a few hours later from a random number and it was her. That’s where it all started. We were very good friends for a while and she eventually ended things with her bf and we started dating a few months later. We have been together for 6 years and we are getting married next year.

42. She sat down next to me on the first day of grad school. We both were into Neil Gaiman and Modern Poetry. I let her borrow the first few trades of The Sandman.

After that we started hanging out more, I showed her around the city (she was from out of town). Bought her a train pass with $20 on it, but I was slow to make a move. If it wasn’t for her roommate saying, “Dude, guys don’t buy train passes for you if they don’t like you,” we might not be together.

Been together 7 years.

43. She was my waitress when I was out with some friends. I left my number (first and only time ever) she called and 19 years later we are still together.

44. I was really into Scott Pilgrim vs The World when it came out in theaters when I was in high school. Bought all the graphic novels, saw it 4 times in theaters, bought the soundtracks, and bought the video game when it came out. I was obsessed.

After classes ended and as I would walk to the buses, I noticed on occasion this girl walking down the halls wearing a Scott Pilgrim shirt. I had to meet this girl!

Well the day came during a field trip to Gettysburg and there she was wearing the shirt. I got so nervous, had to work up the courage, and she was also with a friend who is best friend’s with my previous girlfriend. Oh boy this was going to be tough.

Ended up not being too bad. I asked her the obvious question if she was a Scott Pilgrim fan and we hit it off from there surprisingly. Even more a coincidence, when we got to the buses, all I wanted to do was talk to her more about Scott Pilgrim and we didn’t because she sat next to her friend but she was a seat behind me, this entire field trip. It was destiny.

Anyways we’re close to 8 years strong together and will watch Scott Pilgrim once a year.

45. We met online on this really cringey anime-themed roleplay website and have been together for 4 years and married now. We try to forget about the site but some times we reminisce and cringe together.

46. His parents bought the house next to my grandparents house when his mom was pregnant with him and I was two. I assume that I met him when he came home from the hospital? It’s not something I remember, he’s just always been a part of my life.

There was a period of time where we hadn’t seen each other for over eight years, and one night I was Facebook stalking a second cousin of mine and my old childhood friend’s mom popped up! Through her I found him, reached out, and within three months we were dating. Next month we celebrate our third wedding anniversary.

47. We were in the same class for a program for people on welfare.

Soon after the clashes ended, I found a job in the city. I recommended that she apply since we were still hiring, and she got hired too! Not soon after that, I helped her out by letting her know my house had a room open to rent (1 house 5 bedrooms, I was a tenant), and she moved in. I wasn’t seeking any kind of relationship with her.

One day I heard her laughing while watching Youtube and it was the most beautiful and genuine laugh. I thought to myself “fuck”. A couple weeks later we were watching and we started holdings hands and cuddling.

We’re getting married next year

48. Technically we shared a hospital room at birth. Both our moms were stuck together. My mom is his aunt’s best friend (20+years). The meeting we remember came later. About 6 years old. I told him he was “super duper handsome” and leaned in to kiss him because I’d seen it on a show. He kicked me in the vagina and ran away.

The boy ended up chasing me for years. We finally started dating at 18 and now 10 years and 2 beautiful boys later, we are still going strong!

49. In a hot tub. I was about 14 and her best friend was dating my best friend. I put my arm around her and said “do you come here often?” Knowing it was an extremely cheesy pickup line. Now, about 16 years later, I still use that line on her when she’s in the bathroom, in bed, in the kitchen…

50. I was very drunk at a house party in college and was making my way to the bathroom to go throw up when I saw a girl who just lost a drinking game, and had to chug a cup of a bunch of different alcohols. She looked like she really didn’t want to, and I figured since I was going to go throw up anyway, I might as well do it.


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