Zodiacs Ranked By How Long Foreplay Lasts


A lot of times, this sign actually prefers foreplay to sex. They would rather cuddle, grind, and make-out for hours than engage in any real action.


This sign is a tease. Sometimes, foreplay lasts a little long with them. Sometimes, you’ll wish they would get it over with already.


Sex is a spiritual experience for Libras. They won’t have sex unless foreplay is involved.


This sign is a giver. They want to make their partner happy, so they put plenty of effort into foreplay. They will touch and kiss and tease until their person begs for them.


Cancers let you set the pace. They’re givers. They’ll make sure you have as much or as little time as you need. It’s your decision, really.


Leos are competitive. They want to be the best sex you’ve ever had. They’re going to go down on you as long as it takes — but they’re going to try to beat their record each time.


Virgos are perfectionists. They would rather do the job right the first time around, which is why they take their time in the bedroom. With them, foreplay lasts the perfect amount of time.


This sign does whatever they have to do. If their partner wants foreplay, then they’ll agree to foreplay. But they wont be excited about it. They’ll be counting down the moments until the ‘real action’ starts.


This sign is lazy in the bedroom. They like foreplay when someone is going down on or massaging , but they don’t want to have to do any work themselves.


Capricorns are logical. They see sex as a means to an end. They don’t see the point in foreplay. They prefer quickies.


This sign will complain about blue balls if you make-out with them for more than five minutes at a time. They want to get straight down to business.


Aries are the most impatient sign. They don’t like to wait for anything or anyone. When they want something, they want it . They don’t have time for foreplay.


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