The Highest Paying Affiliate & CPA Networks

When it comes to identifying the highest paying affiliate programs, you need to focus on the ones that will help you make large volumes of money as fast as possible. Registering with the most rewarding networks of affiliate programs is not very difficult. The internet and various industries have numerous potentially lucrative affiliate programs that you can choose from wisely. While seeking the highest paying affiliate programs to promote, you should center on specific benchmarks to help you decide whether you should invest in traffic, content or research to promote the affiliate program. You can choose from the following:

As one of the first networks in the market, they also stand out among the most popular. Their high-quality services have made it possible to offer numerous supplementary services, such as unchanging, consistent payments as well as domain parking. They have exceptional workers, which give them an advantage over the rest. The personnel dedicate themselves by taking on every case individually. Furthermore, in contrast to other several affiliate programs, do not have any disconnects between various departments, which might result in conflicting messages.


Marketers have always recommended MaxBounty very highly. They claim an easy and fast registration process as well. Due to their remarkably exclusive nature, they have attractive offers because of their good networks. They have gained the trust of many sellers with their confidence and willingness to pay more, making sellers to stop worrying about low-quality sites advertising their products.

Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify offers individuals with the best online stores to sell their products online. More than 65,000 stores prefer the services of Shopify due to their exceptional brand recognition. You can receive twice the initial monthly fees with the affiliate program since they offer a 200% bounty to their customers. Moreover, they ensure they encourage people to register for their services using a two-week free trial without linking their credit cards.


As one of the most interesting and highest paying affiliate programs, their international presence sets them apart from the rest. Certain types of individual marketers prefer vCommision due to their wide network coverage and low operating costs. Even though they are based in India, it makes them suitable for marketers who mostly concentrate on international marketing. With the right timing, they accept new customers in a few days and pay out their customers promptly.

Highwire Affiliate Program

Highwire provides a distinctive shopping cart that allows users to sell through several networks. The affiliate program has multiple features helping users to sell easily. They pay 25% for the user’s life, and as such, only one referral can go a long way in paying a customer. For instance, they offer low cost plans from around $15-$30, which can pay you about $4- $8 for every customer. They also have the 14-day trial without linking your credit card and they easily help you convert your traffic by giving users exclusive services at low prices.


Even though this affiliate program might sound strange to some marketers, they have purchased many familiar networks over the years. Since they claim numerous large and popular networks under their banner, this gives them power. Furthermore, Matomy has lower charges compared to other numerous networks, as they only need users to have at least $50 to acquire a deposit, contrasted with more than $100 required by other networks. Marketers can enjoy some attractive tracking options too, which give them advertising advantage over related affiliate programs.

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