The best murder mysteries to binge on Netflix now

is a playground for fans of all stripes. But when it comes to murder mysteries, the ranks can sometimes seem a bit shallow. Save yourself some time and consult our list next time you want to solve a case. These are the best murder mysteries on Netflix right now.

The best murder mysteries on Netflix

1) Wind River (2017)

Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Sicaro, Hell or High Water) made his directorial debut with this neo-Western murder mystery set in the frozen landscape of Wyoming. When the body of an 18-year old woman is found in the snow, two government agents set out to find her killer. The plot may seem standard, but the clever use of the icy setting and grim third-act twists make Wind Riverone of the most essential murder mysteries on Netflix.


2) Dark Places (2015)

Based on the hit novel by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), Dark Places is a vicious murder mystery about family secrets and memory. Libby Day was the only survivor of a 1985 massacre that claimed the lives of her mother and two sisters. After being questioned by the police, Libby tells them the killer was her brother, Ben. Decades later, Libby is hard up for money and haunted by her past. But a strange offer from a group of true crime fans sets her on a path to learning the truth about that night.


3) Zodiac (2007)

Not every great mystery gets solved. From the late ’60s to the early ’70s, the Zodiac Killer haunted Californias Bay Area. The only clues were the bodies left behind and a series of letters the killer sent to the press. David Fincher deliversa terrifying modern film noir starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Rowney Jr.


4) Se7en (1995)

David Finchers film career almost ended after his disastrous experience making Alien 3, but the script for Se7en was good enough to lure him back. Its a blessing, because no other director would have delivered such a lush and unconventionally bleak vision of horror. Viewers join two detectives as they hunt a serial killer committing murders based on the seven deadly sins of Catholic teachings. Anchored by Morgan Freeman as a cop on his final case working with a new partner, a haunting Brad Pitt, Se7en is a terrifying thriller and one of the most riveting murder mysteries on Netflix. Skip the spoilers and sit back for a nightmarish two hours.


5) Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Perhaps the most critically acclaimed serial killer movie of all time, Silence of the Lambs remains as horrifying today as it was in 1991. A young FBI cadet must interview an infamous murderer to ascertain the whereabouts of a senator’s daughter. Hannibal Lecter has become such a pop culture figure that its easy to forget hes only one of the villains in Silence of the Lambs. Lecter might be the star, but Ted Levine is equally horrifying as the skin-peeling James Gumb.


6) Copycat (1995)

Part Se7en, part Rear Window, Copycat is a forgotten ’90s sleeper worthy of rediscovery. Sigourney Weaver stars as an agoraphobic psychologist with PTSD, which stems from being attacked by a serial murderer. When a new killer starts recreating famous murders, she must fight her fears to help stop the bloodshed. Holly Hunter costars in this grim, but chilling, mystery thriller.


7) (2017)

On Nov. 7, 1969, Sister Cathy Cesnik, a popular nun and teacher at Baltimores Archbishop Keough High School, went missing. Two months later, her body was found. To this day, the murder remains unsolved. This docuseries explores her death and the terrible church secrets that may have led to it. Haunting yet informative, The Keepers is a masterpiece even without a clear resolution, and one of the best original murder mysteries on Netflix.


8) (2018)

Most documentaries have a defined stopping place, but The Staircase is a rare exception. Originally aired in 2004 on Canal+, the series added three new episodes in 2018 and joined the ranks of murder mysteries on Netflix. In 2001, writer Michael Peterson called the police saying his wife Kathleen had fallen down the stairs and died. Police didnt believe Petersons claims that she fell down the stairs while drunk, and arrested him for the crime. The Staircase follows Petersons trial and the bizarre revelations that came from it, including the infamous Owl Theory.


9) Unsolved (2018)

The murders of 2Pac and Biggie get the prestige drama treatment in Unsolved. Examining the killings from two separate decades, 1997 and 2007, Unsolved looks at how a case this big goes unsolved. Dealing with police corruption and the public image of two icons, Unsolved treats its difficult subject matter with respect.


10) (2019)

InReMastered:The Two Killings of Sam Cooke, director Kelly Duane de la Vega skillfully reveals the oft-overlooked social consciousness and business acumen of the famed King of Soul. Simultaneously, she details the music industrys corrupt nature, including Cookes ignominious death at a seedy motel.ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cookerepresents a resurrection of the trendsetting singers legacy, previously left to wither in morbid curiosity. Duane de la Vega not only provides space for Cookes legacy to reemerge but does so with an eye toward restorative justice, returning dignity to his name. Kahron Spearman


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