Domain VS Hosting- Facts and Stats

Are you someone who gets confused between the domain name and hosting? If you said yes, then you are in the right place. We are going to cover everything about domain V/S hosting along with the complete facts and statistical data.

But before heading forward with the significant section, let’s go and figure out the difference between domain and hosting.

Difference between Domain and Hosting:

We have noticed that most beginners are unaware that domain and web hosting are two different things. The differences between them are as follow;

1. Domain:

A domain name is the address of your website with the help of which people would be able to reach your website. Users would have to search for your domain name in the URL bar for reaching your website.

As your home has an address, similarly, your website has a domain name which is its address from the online world.

Now let us get into the technical part a bit, you all know that there are several computers connected to the Internet, and all those computers are identified through their IP address.

These IP addresses are a combination of numbers separated by dots. For reaching a particular website on the Internet, we cannot remember their IP address. Hence that’s the reason the domain name was introduced.

With the help of domain names, users can easily search for your websites online and remember them.

2. Hosting:

Hosting is a place where you would be able to store all the files of your website online. There are different types of hosting plans from which you can pick up the most appropriate one for your requirements.

You can figure out features like total space, security services, integrations, and many more while selecting a web hosting for yourself.

The only thing that is relatable in the domain name and web hosting is, they both work together. If you have a domain name, then that would not go live without web hosting and vice-versa.

Domain Facts & Stats:

In this section, we are going to have a look at some of the most-know domain facts and stats:

Domain Stats:

There are more than 26.3 million generic TLD domains.9% of registered TLD domains are under the .com section, and these are the global records.China is the place where they have the highest number of registered domains..XYZ is considered as the top generic TLD domain.In September 2019 the service providers noted an increase in 4% of domain names which means 0.9 million more domains were registered within that time slot.By January 2020, the total number of TLDs hit 1246.Top four popular generic TLDs that were registered are .com, .org, .net and .co..TOP is the bestselling generic TLD.There are more than 58 million domains that got registered through GoDaddy only.China is the place where there are nine million new generic TLDs registered..GDN is the domain registered by around 46,000 people and from which 41,762 of them are malicious.In a research, it was found that there are a total of 21,774 .tokyo domains, from which 17,124 are bad.Near about 3227.OOO domains are considered dangerous, and we should never visit such sites.

This was all about some of the important stats about domain names you should be knowing. In the coming section, we will have a look at some interesting facts about domain names.

Domain Facts:

Till now, it has been noticed that .com is the most trusted TLD. As the greatest number of .com TLDs get registered than any other type of domain.If you are trying to build a news-based blog, then pick up /live TLD as most people with a similar niche pick this up..SITE can be considered as the most demandable TLD because it was launched in 2016 and was able to get 140,000 registrations within the first day only.If you are a developer and want to build a website/blog, then you can go with .DEV TLD. This TLD was launched by Google in 2019, especially for developers.You will not believe this fact, but Elon Musk bought the domain name for $11 million in 2016.The most expensive domain name was for $90 million which was a decade there were around 30 top-level domains only, but right now this count touches 2000.The cheapest domain name bought is for $0.90

Here we have come to an end for the domain facts section. In the coming part, we will be discussing hosting facts and stats.

Hosting Facts & Stats:

Hosting services are something that is handling everything efficiently that we do digitally. If they get out of work for a few hours, only all our work will get stopped.

Here in the coming section, we will look at some of the best hosting stats.

Hosting Stats:

In research carried forward by HostSorter in 2020, it was figured out that on average 900,000 domains are registered every week.WIX was able to gain vast popularity and around 98.67% of new clients from the Google cloud platform.There are about 245,800,660 domains that are registered from unknown countries, and there are 4,561,634 domains that are hidden.GoDaddy group controls 6.6% of the global brand market share, which is more than Amazon with 5.9%.You all might have heard about Endurance International Group; this is the group that empowers more than 60 web hosting brands such as Bluehost, HostGator, SiteBuilder, and more.It is said that by 2023 more than 70% of the global population would be able to take advantage of mobile connectivity. In 2020 the mobile market share was around 52.1 worldwide.The country which has the highest number of hosted domains is the United States. The US has 107,346,685 domains, China has 28,913,029 and Canada has 15,517,622 domains.The web hosting market is entirely controlled by 10 of the leading hosting companies, and they combinedly control 24% of the market.

Hosting Facts:

Do you know that telephones took around 75 years to reach a milestone of 50 million users, radio took around 38 years, television took about 13 years, and the Internet was able to reach this milestone within just four years?There are different types of hosting servers from which Apache hosting servers are the ones that are used by 41.52% of all available websites.This is the must-known fact: there are around 40% of consumers think that the website should load within 2-3 seconds, and if that does not happen, they will directly leave the website.The five most used web servers would be Apache, Nginx, IIS, Lightspeed, and Apache Traffic Server.Amazon Web Services are the ones that host more than 100,000 users spread all across 190 countries.WooCommerce is the hosting platform that is used by 2,834,515 websites.WooCommerce is being used drastically in the US with around 1,608,527 sites, then by the UK with 146,667 sites and Australia with 74,536 sites.

This was all about the facts and stats you should know about hosting.

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