Best Ways to Avoid Penalty from Google

Google is one of the famous search engines and it never compromises the quality of the websites. For this, if you are enabled to meet the standard of Google then obviously, it will be difficult for you to rank on the top of the SERP.

Moreover, if you go for the Black Hat SEO strategies, you may be penalized by Google. Let’s discuss the methods of avoiding Google Penalties which may occur due to different factors.

Factors Causing Google Penalties


It is a theft of words. When a content writer copies another writer’s writing without asking or getting permission and place that content onto writer’s website, is called plagiarism.

In the real world, there are laws about copyright issues and their legal actions. In the world of the internet, Google has the same regulations but more strict than traditional laws.

Strategies to Avoid Plagiarism

ParaphrasingCitationQuotationOriginal thoughts

It is no rocket science, everyone is aware of the fact that to achieve top position in Google, the writing must be fresh, written in one’s thoughts and words.

Citation is also an important method to avoid being red-flagged by Google.


Using quotations is yet another way to write original content whether it’s an informational piece or descriptive or even a blog post.

The main point is to make our content, approachable to every mind that reads it.

Apart from the citation, Paraphrasing is another method of avoiding plagiarism in your writing.

It’s much easier to use a paraphrasing tool to make your content unique within seconds. Using this tool, you just have to add the text into the paraphrasing tool and the rest will be done by the tool.

paraphrasing tool

Website ranking is based upon numerous factors which contain striking data, friendly usage, which should be fast and uncomplicated. Some dos and don’ts may change the status of the website in optimization.

Google penalty can destroy the very hard work on the site which may result in banning the site altogether.

We do not want to sin plagiarism as it will automatically put the site way down into the dungeon.

Spam Links

In easy words, these are those links that are shared from one website to another at the back end or they can be directly shared with more than one website.

Spam Links

To avoid google penalty these links must be spam-free and it all depends upon the one who is responsible for providing them. Because these links will be responsible for increasing the traffic of the site.

Good links show popularity and help to get the best position in Google SERPs.

On the other side, manipulating links can destroy the site.

Hidden Back-door Links:

Its 2021, technology is at its peak, so many new research and inventions are happening. Always remember where there is a right way there is always a bad way too.

Unfortunately, many web owners prefer the latest techniques and sometimes they do get away from Google Crawlers.

We cannot avoid the Google penalty by using the black hat technique whereas the white hat technique is highly recommended.

So many writers use clogged links which are mostly hidden at the back end of their website by using the black hat technique and commit plagiarism.

Surely a trap for users.

Google Crawlers will be immediately alert when they detect cloak links, which make accidentally click on them by users every time they visit the site.

This is a complete violation of Google regulations.

Whatever is visible by the naked eyes of the readers, must be visible to search Engines.

Keyword Stuffing

There is a certain ratio of using keywords narrated by Google to completely circumvent keyword stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing

Overusing or too much repetition of keywords can cause Plagiarism and penalty by Google.

According to SEO Experts, Density percentage keywords must be close to 3-5%.

Malware links:

Unauthorized links are used across the domain and within the domain. We aim to avoid them and make the site user-friendly to get away from the Google penalty.

Content could be flagged or accused of poor if Google Crawlers discover malware links.

Buying Links

Is buying links allowed?

There is a big No on buying links according to Google policies. Good links will eventually make the users visit the site more and more which will eventually strengthen and build up the trust and the legitimacy of the site.

Too many links will turn into spam links which automatically calls for a penalty by Google.


We are all human beings and the mistake can be happening intentionally or unintentionally. We can rise to the occasion of taking responsibility and fixing up the problem of plagiarism and penalization.

We can use different software which is cost-free to right the wrongs. This will show good faith on the part of the content creator and show Google that these sites are not unattended or carefree.

As the 21-century started, technology like Artificial Intelligence has a rapid turnover. Now, everyone wants everything within their reach or touch, from where the AMP was introduced.

Google’s number priority is those websites that are providing right information to users and giving best user experience.

From here, online shopping started in every field of life.

Google has started rewarding these sites which are easy to use through mobile phones. This will automatically push these sites to the top. Rewards encourage content creators to write in their own original words through the legitimacy of paraphrasing, citation, quotation, and white hat techniques.

To sum up the topic

It will be beneficial to the writer under the guideline of Google and to update the website according to their rules and regulations.

Plagiarism and penalty can be avoided easily with new modalities and following rules.

Short cuts may give temporary achievement but true achievement is when we work within the boundaries and be legit and be a true winner.

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