Beginners Guide to Commission Junction

Commission Junction, recently rebranded as CJ Affiliate by Conversant, is one of the largest and more popular affiliate networks online. It is an affiliate marketplace where anyone can find products to promote and earn a commission. Since you don’t need any training, it’s one of the best solutions for publishers or independent blog owners to connect with various affiliate programs. It is, therefore, a great platforms for beginners in affiliate marketing. In this article, I will cover everything that you need to know about Commission Junction.

What you need to join CJ Affiliate

For you to be able to start making money through Commission junction, you have to be an affiliate publisher or, in other words, a website owner. That is where you will advertise products to get traffic to the offers you are promoting. Apart from that, you also need to be committed and most advertisers require this. You will also need an optimized website with quality content which is the main key to generate traffic to your website. It is important to note that poor content can lead to you being dropped by advertisers who don’t want their reputation to be destroyed. Therefore, in order to be sure of quality content, you can start a review website which is ideal for these types of services. After you are sure that you have a website capable of generating enough traffic to the offers, you can now sign up for CJ Affiliate.

How to get started with CJ Affiliate

First, you need to sign up and then complete your profile so that you are able to be approved faster to any CJ programs. After that, you click on get links which will provide you with two options of for getting affiliates. You can either click on general categories in to browse the various new affiliate programs available or search if you have a specific affiliate program in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the right offers or not since you can change this to better choices later on. When you get to choose your offers, you should tailor your contents to focus on promoting them. You should, however, be very honest with your information so that you are able to attract visitors to sign up for the product.

Now you can start working towards becoming one of the top performers on the website to be invited to the CJP. This is a program designed to analyze their top performers website, those making at least 10,000 monthly, and work towards improving their strategy. Once you get to this program, you will be provided with tech support, custom reports, advanced analytics, and a sales representative to work with you. Most affiliate programs pay through either a cheque or direct bank deposit. With commission junction, you can easily select products based on various niches and, therefore, suitable for people running blogs based on different niches. In order to be more successful, you can work with more offers and pass a network quality review. If you have been looking for an easy way to affiliate marketing, you can join Commission Junction.

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