20 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools to Explode Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Free tools for affiliate marketing? Or the best affiliate marketing tools for beginners? What is it that you’re looking for?

Well, it doesn’t matter because this read is a collection of some of the best affiliate marketing tools (that’s both paid and free) that’s going to help skyrocket your affiliate marketing business. Because a foundation that’s laid strong can help your business to a great extent down the road.

And since you’re only about to start your affiliate business (or it should be a few months since you’ve started), it’s best if you consider using the best tools for your website!

But, before that, a few basics like always!

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other’s products and services using your resources (blog posts, website, podcasts, etc). And when your audiences purchase the promoted product using your link, you get a percentage (commission) of the total value. The greatest part is, when it comes to subscription-based services, you get recurring commissions every month (differs from every product & software).

To explain it even simple, here’s an example.

Assume John is buying a marketing tool that costs $30 per month and you get 20% commission which is $6.

So, for a year, you get $72 for one John.

What if 100 purchases happen? Do the math – $72 * 100 = $7200 for one year!

Easy money right?

Sounds easy but it actually isn’t that easy.

To make this happen, you need to have the basics strong – a good website, a high-quality set of ranking blog posts, and good social handles.

It’s more like a chain reaction – in order to have a good website, you need to have good landing pages. And to have your blog posts rank well, you’ve got to have a good marketing tool on-board to do the keyword research.

And like I said already this read exactly about the same – the best affiliate marketing tools you should have to grow your affiliate business (segregated and briefed category-wise).

Buckle up! Let’s head to the first set of affiliate marketing tools!

Landing Page Creating Tools

What’s a website without a landing page? Or pages in the first place? Landing pages can also be called conversion points as they play a huge role when it comes to driving leads for your business. And it’s important that your website has a good landing page if you’re serious about your affiliate marketing business! So, here are a few tools that can help you build good landing pages!

1. Google Sites

Google Sites

If you’re a great fan of Google, then this particular landing page builder is totally for you! Google Sites is a free landing page builder that allows you to build landing pages with ease (and without spending a penny).

Google Sites come with a couple of stock landing themes that you can customize according to your needs – the color, the typography, and the layouts. The user-friendly editor makes the entire experience seamless and hassle-free!

What’s great is, you can import images from your Google Drive and connect it with Zapier – you can easily embed Google forms with your landing page. Put in a few words, a power-packed, free landing page builder for those who extensively use Google solutions.

2. MailChimp


This should be coming out as a surprise! Even though MailChimp is an email marketing tool, as an affiliate marketer, you should find MailChimp’s landing page builder do the job quite well!

With this landing page builder, you can easily accept online payments, highlight products, offer free downloads or even hold a contest!

The landing page builder is more like a drag and drop builder where you can move blocks around and put them to place. Once when you’re done with customizing, you simply save and publish it! And the most important part – you can do all this and create unlimited landing pages for free!

3. Wix


Wix is one of the best landing page builders and is ideal for when you’re planning to start off small and expand larger then.

When you use Wix, there’s no need to have any coding knowledge. And is also the fastest way to build a one-page site. Wix landing page builder gives you options like adding icons, social media embeds, adding third-party apps to your page.

You can also undo changes by looking at the page building history. And Wix is completely free to use. The paid versions start from $13 per month.

4. Unbounce


If you’re looking forward to taking your affiliate marketing business to the next level, you should have no second thoughts using Unbounce!

Unbounce is a dedicated landing page builder specially built for small business owners. Taking a further step, it could be even the ideal landing page builder for your affiliate marketing business.

Unbounce comes with a powerful editor that allows you to be completely flexible when it comes to building landing pages – you don’t have to place content within the aligned boxes! You can simply drag and drop stuff anywhere on the screen.

Also, its inbuilt A/B testing tool allows you to find which landing page might perform best in the future. Though it is not a free affiliate marketing tool, it’s worth every penny you spend! The paid plans start from $80 per month.

Once when your website is all set to host your affiliate marketing business, next comes the content creation part!

Content Creation Tools

Make sure you read this one well “Your blog posts are going to be a great revenue-driving machine if you manage to get them ranked on the first page!”

This includes taking care of the SEO optimization part as well (we’ll see that in a separate section) but as of now, we’ll look at the basic content creation tools that’ll give you a headstart and make you content top-notch!

1. Grammarly


Creating content copies that are error-free (grammatical, typography, spaces, hyphenation) is the first thing you should take care of when it comes to creating content. It could be a marketing newsletter or a blog post. But you’ve always got to make sure they are clean & error-free. And Grammarly helps you do just that!

Grammarly is an advanced online spell-check tool that identifies spelling and grammatical errors. You can simply add the extension to your browser and it starts working on all platforms including Google Docs. So, you should have no issues when you draft emails or blog posts for your website.

The Grammarly free version helps you identify almost all necessary errors while the paid version helps you find advanced errors like active & passive voice, deep plagiarism check and more.

2. Answer the Public

Answer the Public

At times, there comes a point when you’re completely out of ideas and exhausted. And that’s when Answer the Public comes to the rescue. Answer the Public is an online tool that helps you to come up with ideas (and long-tail keywords). So, this is how it actually works!

For example, we’ll search for the word “affiliate marketing”,

You get questions like,

How affiliate marketing worksCan affiliate marketing make you a millionaireIs affiliate marketing worth itWhy affiliate marketing is bestWhen to use affiliate marketing

As you could see, there are a lot of other questions (should help me with this read 😉). Also, you get other useful data such as prepositions, comparisons, long-tail keywords for your search query!

Fun Activity: On a scale of 1 – 10, how much would you rate Answer the Public? Let us know in the comments below!

3. Buzzsumo


Let’s assume you’ve done all of the above right! But what if there’s no traffic on your affiliate website? There’s going to be no purchases and commissions!

Knowing what to write on your affiliate website is another important consideration you’ve to make when it comes to growing your business.

And Buzzsumo is just the tool you need to do this! It is an online tool that helps you find contents that perform best. All you need to do is, enter the domain name or the specific keyword. Let’s try this out for the keyword “affiliate marketing”,

From the above results, you can find that the below-mentioned topics should be ideal to write.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: The Pillar GuideHow to Start Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

What’s great with Buzzsumo is that it lets you know the social engagement and share metrics on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

4. Duplichecker


When Google finds that your content is plagiarised (when there’s similar content published on another website), your website could take a huge hit on SEO rankings. It’s not like you’re stealing data from other websites but sometimes, when the similarity percentage is quite huge, it could turn pretty bad!

Duplichecker is a plagiarism checker tool that lets you check for duplicate contents in your content copies. You can simply copy, paste your text or upload files in formats of .doc, .docx, .pdf and more or enter the URL of the content.

It’s easier than said and you’ll get the results within a couple of seconds (depends on the length of your content).Since we were speaking about content creation, I thought it would be better if we get to discuss the content promotion tools as well!

Content Promotion Tools

1. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote

The popularly known content promotion platform! Here’s a question – Do you want your great quality blog posts to be seen by a wider audience base or not?

It’s obviously going to be yes! So, why don’t you consider spending a few dollars promoting them?

Quuu helps you promote your blog posts seamlessly, In fact, it automatically takes care of displaying it on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What’s great about Quuu is, it only accepts posts that are of high quality which creates a sense of trust between the Quuu audience. So, if your blog is up there in the Quuu stack, don’t worry about the traffic (and the conversions for your affiliate marketing business).

2. Buffer


Buffer literally needs no introduction! Similar to Hakkiloo, Buffer is a social media engagement. The only thing is, it comes with more advanced features!

You can easily publish content on your social handles, analyze your campaigns by measuring performance, engagement and create reports to check growth. Also, you can easily plan hashtags with the hashtag planner, tag Instagram users and do more with this powerful social media management tool.

As for hte pricing, Buffer starts from $15 per month and can go up to $99 per month!

Great! You now have the affiliate marketing tools that allow you to create great quality content (and promote them as well)! And now to the optimization tools!

Website Optimization Tools

Having a keen eye on the performance of your website is quite important because when you miss this out, there’s no point in creating a website or coming up with blog posts on a regular basis!

So, here are some of the best affiliate marketing plugins/tools that can help optimizing your website.

1. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is one of the free yet effective SEO affiliate marketing tools. Found by Neil Patel, Ubersuggest has been helping marketers & affiliates discover keywords & conduct website audits for free.

Ubersuggest comes as a quite handy tool when you want to find what keywords or pages your competitors are ranking for, the search volume of the keywords and long-tail keywords region wise.

Since this is a free tool, you only get limited features. There’s also a paid version that gives you exciting and promising features!

2. Semrush

SemRush Most Poplular SEO Tool

You can easily say that Semrush is the advanced & powerful version of UberSuggest. Semrush is an online visibility management tool that should definitely hold a place in your list of affiliate marketing plugins.

With Semrush, you can easily assess your webpage rankings and know how your contents are performing organically. Also, you can take an in-depth look at your competitors’ domains, their backlink details and top-performing pages.

What’s super cool about Semrush is that it comes with an inbuilt “SEO Writing Assistant” which you can easily integrate with Google Docs. You get keyword suggestions, best practices checklist as and when you write your blog post copy!

Put in a few words, Semrush is definitely an affiliate marketing software you should consider using if you’re looking to grow your affiliate marketing business.

3. Hotjar


Another important affiliate marketing software you should be having! Hotjar is an online optimization tool that helps you detect the behavior of your web page visitors.

Understanding how your visitors behave is a key factor in your business growth! And Hotjar helps you do it with extreme ease!

With Hotjar, you can understand your visitor’s behavior using heatmaps and screen recordings. Also, you can conduct surveys and collect feedback using recommendation score scales!

You can use Hotjat for free but if your website has a huge number of page views, then you should go for the $39 per month plan!

4. Hubspot Website Grader

Hubspot Website Grader

This is a free affiliate marketing tool that lets you know the health status of your website. Hubspot Website Grader shows you key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, security and SEO.

Also, you get insights as to what you should focus upon immediately for improvement – a fine online affiliate marketing tool that’s both handy and easy to use!

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress because of its easy to use and understand interface. Also, why do you have to miss something that you can integrate with your WordPress website itself?

With this WordPress affiliate marketing software/plugin, you can easily get internal linking suggestions, page preview before publishing, readability check, control over your breadcrumbs, duplicate content identification and more.

Also, Yoast SEO works in both WordPress editors – the new Gutenberg editor as well as the old classic editor!

Above mentioned features come in the free version whereas the paid version ($89) gives you even advanced features!

That’s it for the website optimization affiliate marketing tools part!

So, now your affiliate marketing website is all set to drive conversions!

You’ll eventually be getting traffic, leads, conversions and finally commissions. But you shouldn’t be stopping there!

Take some extra effort and start collecting leads out of the blue! Remember, every potential customer missed is leaving money on the table!

So, here are some of the best lead collection tools for affiliate marketing business!

Lead Collection Tools

Capturing emails and growing your email list is one of the most important things you’ve to do consistently to grow your affiliate marketing business.

Because when you’ve managed to build an email list with potential customers, all you’ve got to do is promote your affiliate products and make them buy the same!

So to the first lead collection tool!

1. Optinly


Optinly is one of the most powerful lead generation popup plugins you might have come across! Though there are a lot of popup plugins today, what makes Optinly one of the best is its inbuilt marketing goals.

Optinly comes with pre-existing popup templates that are relevant to the popup marketing goals. You can simply choose a goal, followed by a popup template, set triggering options and set it live.

Speaking of the triggering options, you get options like exit triggers, time-delayed triggers and page based triggers. Also, targeting options like device-based targeting and visitor’s previous interactions make this an ideal email subscription plugin.

The free version has all advanced features (including the gamification popups) and the paid plan starts from $25 per month.

2. Skrapp


If you‘re looking to collect emails from LinkedIn, then Skrapp is the tool for you! It’s a free B2B lead collection tool that can be added as an extension on your browser.

All you need to do is, visit a LinkedIn profile, activate the extension and the respective email id will appear in front of you within seconds – it all seems like magic!

Also, Skrapp allows you to find emails of specific persons when you enter their name and search for the email address. The web dashboard allows you to store and synchronize with your lead directory!

Skrapp is free to use for up to 150 emails per month whereas the paid plan starts from $39 and can help you capture 1000 emails per month.

3. Hunter


Hunter is another powerful lead collection tool. Hunter is similar to Skrapp as it is available as a Chrome extension. But what makes Hunter great is its seamless lead generation process.

When you’re on a particular webpage, you can just click on the extension icon and you’ll be able to see all the emails behind the webpage – click to get! Sounds cool right?

You can also find whether the email address is deliverable with Hunter. With the free version, you can carry out 50 searches per month post which you have to pay $49 per month. And this plan allows you to carry out 500 searches and verifications per month!

4. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey

Running an affiliate marketing website means you’ve got to do a lot of things and interacting with your website visitors/customers is one of those things!

Mobile Monkey is a live chat software that allows you to instantly connect with customers on your website. This can help generate leads and offer real-time support to your customers.

Also, you can run click-to-messenger ads on your social media handles, boost your social handle contents and do more. There’s both a free version and a paid version and the paid version starts from $19 per month!

5. UpViral


If you’re looking forward to stepping up your game, by being a person who intends to have fun, then UpViral is definitely the tool!

UpViral is one of the best lead generation tools that takes a different approach. You can simply conduct online contests with giveaways and drive a huge number of leads to your business!

Also, you can create waiting lists before your huge sales campaign and drive leads! UpViral allows you to start driving leads from as little as $1.

Not sure if you’ve got it but we’ve just come across the 21 best affiliate marketing tools for your business growth!

If you had noticed, you would realize that it was more like a journey right from building your website to collecting leads, which we call it the ideal foundation for your affiliate marketing business.

We’ve come across,

Landing Page Builder Tools – to get started with your websiteContent Creation Tools – to help you create quality content blog postsContent Promotion Tools – to promote the content you’ve just createdWebsite Optimization Tools – to make sure your affiliate marketing website is all set and clutter-free to drive conversions. And finally,Lead Collection Tools – to collect more leads on your website as well as other sources!

When you start considering this as a cycle and make sure you master the process when you go through each phase, there’s no doubt about how huge your affiliate marketing business is going to become down the road!

So, start growing your affiliate business today!

P.S. Here’s a little bonus – the best payment plugins for your affiliate website!

Also, let us know if we’ve missed out on any potential plugins in this list!


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