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Pakistan: man sentenced to death for blasphemy on Facebook

Taimoor Raza was found guilty of insulting the prophet Mohammed during an argument on social media with a counter-terrorism officialA Pakistani man has…
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‘Race fraud': how a college quota scandal exposed Brazil’s historic racial tensions

Brazils supreme court is preparing to rule on a 2014 law on racial quotas as concerns grow over abuse of quota systems which…
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Panic in Manila: how the chaotic casino attack unfolded

Authorities offer competing theories on motivation after attack kills at least 36, mostly from suffocation, in Philippines capitalAs the room in the Manila…
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Nordic prime ministers troll Trump’s viral orb photograph

The five leaders mock the notorious photo and post it on social media with the question Who rules the world?World leaders dont generally…
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Flynn to provide documents for Russia investigation after initially refusing

Former national security adviser will turn over business and personal documents for the Senate intelligence committees investigation into election meddlingAfter initially refusing, former…
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Portland attack: Donald Trump called on to make statement about double murder

Veteran journalist Dan Rather leads a chorus of people calling on the president to acknowledge the heroism of Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and Rick…
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Wild Amazon faces destruction as Brazils farmers and loggers target national park

The Sierra Ricardo Franco park was meant to be a conservation area protecting rare wildlifeTo understand why the Brazilian government is deliberately losing…
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The guidebooks and selfie-sticks arrive as Rouhanis Iran declares itself open to all

With visitor numbers rising and hotel chains circling, Iran is reinventing itself but the change is too fast for someStanding in the blue-tiled…
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Jared Kushner says he will cooperate in Trump-Russia inquiry after reports he is under scrutiny

Investigators were focused on meetings Kushner held with Russian officials last year as part of inquiry into Russian interference in 2016 election, sources…
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Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers manipulate the system

A website built on the premise that most people are honest is struggling. Now at last there is a promise of more protection,…
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