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US treasury secretary wavers over Saudi trip after Khashoggi disappearance

Steve Mnuchin is second-guessing attending economic conference after claims that Saudi assassins killed journalistUS treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin on Sunday was second-guessing his…
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Google and Orange building cable between US and France

The 6,600km undersea cable will open in 2020 and is one of seven Google is building over the next two yearsTelecoms firm Orange…
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‘Hope has started to grow': Maxine Peake on Corbyn, people power and Peterloos radical legacy

Political protest is at the heart of the actors latest film, and has always been important to her. She explains why she feels…
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$100 a barrel? Will Iran sanctions and Venezuela crisis bring oil price spike?

As recently as two years ago the world had an oil glut but now market participants are speculating on a price not seen…
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It comes as no shock that the powerful hate identity politics | Gary Younge

The right denigrates equal rights campaigns as grievances while cornering the market in victimhood, says Guardian columnist Gary YoungeGiven the political volatility, economic…
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Trump urges world to reject globalism in UN speech that draws mocking laughter

President says we reject globalism and embrace the doctrine of patriotism but laughter breaks out when Trump boasts of achievementsDonald Trump urged other…
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She was paid by the Democrats: Trump fans on Ford and Kavanaugh

In Wheeling, West Virginia, those who came to see the president praised the supreme court nominee and dismissed his accuserAt Donald Trumps rally…
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Japanese politician in baby row thrown out again for sucking cough drop

Yuka Ogata, forced to leave chamber last year for bringing her seven-month-old child, rails at outdated attitudesA Japanese politician who was family-friendly. She…
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Satellite images show ‘runaway’ expansion of coal power in China

Extra 259GW capacity from coal in pipeline despite Beijings restrictions on plantsChinese power plants run on coal, thought to have been cancelled because…
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Big promises for a thriving urban core in Detroit vanish in a swath of parking lots

The citys billionaire Ilitch family made ambitious promises in 2013, but now the area remains a redevelopment deadzoneAlong the streets leading to Detroits…
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