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Even for a place that gets a ton of snow, this was a record-breaking two days for Erie

(CNN)There's White Christmas. And then there's Whiteout Christmas.The snowfall total was more than four times the city's previous all-time Christmas record of 8.1…
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For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Hawaii will test nuclear sirens

(CNN)Hawaii is taking those threats from North Korea seriously.The test of the nuclear warning siren will be conducted during the monthly tests of…
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At least 26 people killed in shooting at Texas church

(CNN)At least 26 people were killed in Sunday's church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott said at a press conference. Among…
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Police: 3 men made Nazi salutes, shot at protesters after Richard Spencer event

(CNN)Police in Florida arrested three men who allegedly made Nazi salutes, repeated Hitler chants and then shot at a group of protesters after…
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Get ready for a more militant and ‘woke’ NAACP

(CNN) The NAACP has described itself as the "oldest and boldest" civil rights group in America, but it may soon tack on another…
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Power restored to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, evacuation lifted

(CNN)There's a light at the end of the tunnel for some residents in North Carolina's Outer Banks -- literally.A new overhead transmission line…
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US, Russia hurtle toward dangerous escalation

Washington (CNN)The United States and Russia are plunging deeper into their worst crisis since the Cold War, with politics in both nations outpacing…
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Two Baltimore detectives plead guilty in racketeering case

(CNN)Two former Baltimore police officers pleaded guilty Friday to federal racketeering charges, admitting that they committed armed robberies, made fraudulent overtime claims and…
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O.J. Simpson’s rise and fall, from football star to prisoner

Los Angeles (CNN)O.J. Simpson spent a lifetime in the limelight -- first for his athletic prowess, charm and good looks, then as part…
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Cop who shot Minneapolis woman was precinct’s first Somali officer

(CNN)Mohamed Noor, the on-duty Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian-born woman on Saturday night, had been with the force for two…
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