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Attorney in rant that went viral says he’s not a racist and offers an apology

(CNN)One week after he screamed at people speaking Spanish in a New York City cafe -- a rant captured on video that quickly…
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The woman who invented Mother’s Day came to hate it

(CNN)Mother's Day means big business for retailers. This year is no different -- shoppers will spend an average of $180 per mom.She just…
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FYI: English isn’t the official language of the United States

(CNN)Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer in New York, was the subject of a viral video last week after he was caught on camera berating…
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Man to Spanish speakers at New York restaurant: ‘My next call is to ICE’

(CNN)A man berated employees and customers for speaking Spanish in a New York restaurant, describing them as undocumented and threatening to call immigration…
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This woman carried her in-flight snack off the plane and it cost her $500

(CNN)An apple and an honest mistake have saddled one Delta passenger with a $500 fine and a big bureaucratic headache. Anyone who's ever…
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Starbucks faces more racism allegations after a barista wrote a slur on a Latino customer’s cup

(CNN)As Starbucks prepares to close its stores later this month for mandatory racial-bias training, an incident in suburban Los Angeles is showing why…
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A family torn apart: Siblings fight to save their home after their parents are deported

(CNN)Seventeen days before Christmas, Humberta and Oscar Campos kissed their teary-eyed children goodbye at Newark International Airport, not sure when they would see…
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The Waffle House shooting suspect had his guns taken away — twice

(CNN)Travis Reinking, the suspect in the Nashville-area Waffle House shooting that left four people dead, was still at large Monday after being added…
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Nine killed when military plane crashes near Savannah

(CNN)All nine people aboard an aging cargo plane making its final military flight Wednesday were killed when the aircraft nosedived into a Georgia…
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Two Florida deputies killed by gunman while eating at a restaurant

(CNN)Two deputies were killed Thursday when a man walked up to the window of a Florida restaurant where they were eating and shot…
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