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Fear near Cape Fear rises with the river, and the death toll from Florence keeps growing

Wilmington, North Carolina (CNN)North Carolina can't take any more flooding, but it's going to have to anyway. Four days ago, the Cape Fear…
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Police: Austin bomber left 25-minute confession video on phone

Austin, Texas (CNN)As the Austin bomber sensed that authorities were closing in on him on Tuesday night, he took out his cell phone…
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Florence is gone. Here come the scams.

(CNN)It's a sad reality: After natural disasters, there will always be those who want to prey on the displaced, the down-and-out and the…
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A waitress stole money from her boss. Decades later, she sent back $1,000 and an apology

(CNN)With $1,000 in cash and a handwritten apology, a former waitress is trying to make things right after stealing money from a Mexican…
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America has just one Blockbuster left

(CNN)If movie-streaming seems like Goliath, Blockbuster video store owners are an industry's Davids still fighting to keep the brand alive."It's pretty exciting that…
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7-year-old reunited with her mom after nearly 2 months in immigration detention

Miami (CNN)The 7-year-old girl had been apart from her family, alone in detention, for nearly 2 months. Her husband crossed with their daughter,…
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Every single person in charge of law and order in this Georgia town is a black woman

(CNN)When LaDawn "LBJ" Jones walked into a meeting at work a couple of months ago, she was hit with a serious case of…
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America’s poor becoming more destitute under Trump, UN report says

Atlanta (CNN)Americans born into poverty are more likely than ever before to stay that way, according to a United Nations report on poverty…
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A New Jersey schoolteacher devoted 45 years to helping students with disabilities. Now she’s leaving them $1 million

(CNN)Genevieve Via Cava loved teaching and loved her students. Now, seven years after her death, they are learning just how much.School superintendent Emanuele…
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Kate Spade, fashion designer, found dead in apparent suicide

New York (CNN)Kate Brosnahan Spade, who created an iconic, accessible handbag line that bridged Main Street and high-end fashion, hanged herself in an…
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