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Rudy Giuliani has turned out to be a dangerous liability for Trump | Jill Abramson

The former New York City mayor was a 9/11 hero. But his last big job, defending the president, is a role too far,…
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China trade surplus with US hits record $29bn high

June figures risk further escalation of bitter trade dispute with WashingtonChinas trade surplus with the US widened to a record in June, risking…
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Trump protests: tens of thousands take to streets across UK

Baby blimp flies high as Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Clegg join those opposing presidents tripTens of thousands of people poured through the centres…
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Donald Trump to almost entirely avoid London during UK visit

Meetings with Theresa May and the Queen to be held away from protests in capitalDonald Trump will almost entirely avoid London during his…
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Melania Trump wears ‘I don’t care’ jacket on plane to visit child detention center

The first lady appeared to be wearing a Zara jacket with the astonishing caption: I really dont care. Do U?When Melania Trump met…
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Outrage after American woman hunts and kills rare giraffe in South Africa

Tess Thompson posted Facebook photos of her next to the giraffes carcassTess Thompson Talley, a 37-year-old woman from Kentucky, is facing backlash after…
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Cambridge Analytica director ‘met Assange to discuss US election’

Brittany Kaiser also claims to have channelled payments and donations to WikiLeaksA Cambridge Analytica director apparently visited Julian Assange in February last year…
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Trump lashes out at restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders to leave

Trump, whose Mar-a-Lago resort was cited for many health violations, says Red Hen should focus on cleaning its filthy windows Donald Trump belatedly…
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Expert: Sarah Sanders broke ethics rules with tweet about restaurant ejection

Obama ethics chief says press secretary shouldnt have used government account to condemn a private businessA tweet by White House press secretary Sarah…
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Trump was right. The rest of the G7 were wrong | George Monbiot

In arguing for a sunset clause to the trade agreement, this odious man is exposing the corruption of liberal democracy, says George Monbiot,…
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