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Tag Archives: UK news

The best way to save the planet? Drop meat and dairy | George Monbiot

Farming livestock for food threatens all life on earth, and free-range steak is the worst of all, writes Guardian columnist George MonbiotWhether human…
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Supermarkets selling chicken that is nearly a fifth water

Consumers paying 65p a kilo for water, as legality of process of 'tumbling' imported chicken called into questionFrozen chicken breasts on sale in…
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Bishop Michael Curry’s rousing royal wedding sermon the full text

Here is the complete transcript for the Most Rev Michael Currys sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle And now…
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Its not Harry and Meghan. Its the monarchy I oppose | Gary Younge

As a republican Id like to steer clear of the royal wedding. That doesnt seem to be an option, says Guardian columnist Gary…
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Theresa May forced to give MPs single market vote after shock defeat

More than 80 Labour peers defy whip on amendment calling for vote on EEA membershipMPs will have a vote on remaining in the…
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California’s economy passes UK’s to become world’s fifth biggest

Aided by tech, entertainment and agriculture, states GDP rose between 2016 and 2017, while UKs has fallen since 2014Californias economy has surpassed that…
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The rebel bank, printing its own notes and buying back people’s debts

HCSB in Walthamstow is selling printed bank notes to raise money to buy local debtFirst there were the banks. Sending credit cards through…
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Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

World leaders urged to act as anger over inequality reaches a tipping pointThe worlds richest 1% are on course to control as much…
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New centrist party gets 50m backing to break mould of UK politics

Plans secretly made for a new political party drawing from left and rightA new political party with access to up to 50m in…
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Cambridge Analytica boasts of dirty tricks to swing elections

Bosses tell undercover reporters how honey traps, spies and fake news can be used to help clientsThe company at the centre of the…
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