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It comes as no shock that the powerful hate identity politics | Gary Younge

The right denigrates equal rights campaigns as grievances while cornering the market in victimhood, says Guardian columnist Gary YoungeGiven the political volatility, economic…
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Brexit costing Britain 500m a week and rising, saysreport

Economy 2.5% smaller than it would have been if UK had voted remain, says thinktankBrexit is already costing the public purse 500m a…
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Roman Abramovich posed threat to public security, Swiss police said

Police reported suspicion of money laundering and presumed contacts with criminal organisationsSwitzerlands federal police advised that the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich posed a…
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Dutch expelled Russians over alleged novichok lab hacking plot

Two men were arrested over alleged plan to infiltrate lab where Salisbury nerve agent was analysedThe Dutch government expelled two alleged Russian spies…
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Ayahuasca rituals can be profoundly beneficial if theyre done properly | Oscar Rickett

The parents of a British teenager who died in Colombia are right to advise a serious approach to offset the dangers, says the…
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Intelligent design? How come He made so many blunders? | Robin McKie

Whatever Tim Peake thinks, human bodies are so flawed were lucky to be here at allTake a look in the mirror and examine…
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Trump protests: tens of thousands take to streets across UK

Baby blimp flies high as Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Clegg join those opposing presidents tripTens of thousands of people poured through the centres…
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Donald Trump to almost entirely avoid London during UK visit

Meetings with Theresa May and the Queen to be held away from protests in capitalDonald Trump will almost entirely avoid London during his…
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Cambridge Analytica director ‘met Assange to discuss US election’

Brittany Kaiser also claims to have channelled payments and donations to WikiLeaksA Cambridge Analytica director apparently visited Julian Assange in February last year…
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Anti-Brexit protest: thousands march two years after referendum

Peoples Vote demonstration in London culminates with speeches in Parliament SquareA roar of pro-European chants rose up above Pall Mall and across the…
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