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7 of Europe’s most beautiful villages — from England to Greece

(CNN)The notion of postcard-perfect villages steeped in Old World charm has inspired centuries of travelers to fan out across Europe, seeking its secluded…
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10 packing tips from a travel pro for a best-case scenario

(CNN)Choosing a suitcase can be an adventure in itself. Packing it properly with just the right contents is an art form.There are a…
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The end of the line for American long-distance trains?

(CNN)The railroads that once helped build the United States today still carry thousands of people across the country on journeys of business, discovery…
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Santiago: Insider Travel Guide

(CNN)Head east and in no time you'll reach the Andes; west and you hit the beaches and coastline of the Pacific Ocean.It's worth…
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So Paulo: Insider Travel Guide

(CNN)With all there is to see and do in South America's largest city, the sheer size of the metropolis often stuns the uninitiated…
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Shanghai: Insider Travel Guide

(CNN)Welcome to the future.This is the best of Shanghai, home to more than 20 million residents, 6,000 high-rises (and growing) and a constant…
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Tokyo: Insider Travel Guide

(CNN)Tokyo is a city that can roar one moment and whisper at the next, a place where almost anything seems possible. After all,…
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Never-ending honeymoon: In El Nido, a retreat built from romance

(CNN)"Get dropped off at the road by Las Cabanas beach about four kilometers (2.5 miles) outside of El Nido Town. "Walk all the…
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