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The story of the NRA’s ridiculous boycott of a Dallas diner has a happy ending.

The National Rifle Association called for a boycott of a Dallas diner. It backfired spectacularly. With the NRA coming to town for its…
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Janelle Mone’s video caused a stir, but you probably missed this the first time around.

Janelle Monáe has a lot going on right now, with the release of a new record winning over fans and critics alike. In…
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Ever had to correct a racist relative? Here’s a handy guide on how to do it.

You're minding your own business, scrolling the feed, liking pics of toddlers at the pumpkin patch, and suddenly there it is: "I'm glad…
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2 black men were unjustly handcuffed at Starbucks. Now, they’re meeting with the CEO.

They were just waiting to start a business meeting. Now their story is fueling a movement that could permanently change corporate culture. Two…
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It’s official: The Obamas have their first fellows. They’re impressive, to say the least.

Michelle and Barack Obama have always been dedicated to public service and diversity, and their foundation's new fellowship program is indicative of their…
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Parkland teen survivor just shined a light on a hidden way 90 million people support guns.

David Hogg knows a thing or two about boycotts. The 18-year-old Stoneman Douglas High School senior and Parkland shooting survivor has put Fox…
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Jimmy Kimmel asked a 2nd grader to explain trade to Trump. She didn’t disappoint.

Managing global economics isn't for everyone. It takes levelheadedness, a knack for diplomacy, and a basic understanding of math. Unfortunately, if the recent…
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This womans a bad mom. And shes damn proud of it.

Sia Cooper is a mother of two, a certified personal trainer, and an Instagram dynamo with over 921,000 followers. WHY DO YOU WORKOUT…
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This 21-year-old superhero has an amazing idea to help save people who get periods.

Anyone who has ever gotten their period at an inopportune time knows the scramble to find a menstrual product. There's the “sneakily ask…
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Think romance novels are trash? That’s a stereotype one that’s not necessarily true.

In college during summer and holiday breaks, I worked in a mall bookstore. Our most popular promotion was a summer one: buy two…
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