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This flight attendant had a gut feeling about human trafficking. So he followed it.

When three young women and a man boarded his flight, Wesley Hirata had a bad feeling. The seasoned flight attendant, who has been…
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They’re each famous for different reasons. But as kids, these women wore the same uniform.

When was the last time a Girl Scout inspired you to follow your dreams? If your answer involves dreaming of Girl Scout cookies,…
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This popular law has saved at least 10 species from extinction. Now, it’s under attack.

nIf you care about saving the environment, November 2018 can't come fast enough. Republicans in Congress are moving fast to reverse and alter…
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Starting a new business is hard, especially for veterans. This org makes it much easier.

When Officer Kimberly Jung  was looking for roadside bombs in Afghanistan, she couldn't help but notice a vicious cycle. "It felt like every…
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37 fans got a life-changing surprise from Nicki Minaj: lots of money for school.

Nicki Minaj is a lot of things — rapper, business mogul, and now, the patron saint of cash-strapped students. Minaj just announced the…
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This 86-year-old came out ‘too late’ to find love. So young people surprised him.

Martin is an 86-year-old gay man from the U.K. — who came out at age 85. For all those years, he hid a…
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The reaction to a (nearly) all-male panel might prompt some long overdue change.

A quick glance at the lineup for Variety's annual "A Night in the Writers' Room" event turned up something a little odd: It…
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The entire justice system in this city is run by black women.

The city of South Fulton is making headlines for its justice system run entirely by black women. Even those facing punitive justice are…
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A huge shift is happening in how society perceives autistic people. But it’s just a start.

The way society understands autistic people is changing. According to new research, not only have perceptions of autism changed — millennials are helping…
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The refugee crisis is daunting, but Canada offers an inspiring example of how to help.

Mohammad Amini is a bright, determined, 21-year-old living in Jakarta, Indonesia, with his family — or rather, what's left of it. The Aminis…
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