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TOMS founder makes an emotional announcement pledging $5 million to tackle gun violence.

TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie made a record-breaking announcement on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. TOMS, the shoe brand made famous for its…
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The NRA is getting lambasted after telling trauma doctors to ‘stay in their lane.’

The NRA apparently thinks doctors who treat gunshot wounds shouldn't have opinions about guns. Looking at the NRA's Twitter feed after a mass…
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These women were in prison. Thanks to an extraordinary program, they’re now entrepreneurs.

When she decided she wanted to start her own business, Rebecca ‘Cafe’ Brown was in the unlikeliest place — prison. Posted by Rebecca…
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He was a struggling kid. Now he’s a successful career man. Here’s how.

Daniel Jones never had it easy. Before he was 18, he'd lost his mother and any chance at a stable home life. Then…
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She blocked a black man from entering his own building, then followed him to his door.

Why do some white women insist on harassing black people for living their lives? We've seen the stories of Permit Patty, BBQ Becky,…
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A historic number of women are running for office this year. Heres why thats good news.

If what they say is true, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the woman. Image via Victor Lorano/Unsplash. From sister…
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This device making menstruation safer for girls living in poverty.

Image by Mariko Higaki Iwai. For girls living in extreme poverty around the globe, getting their periods can be a particularly trying ordeal.…
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Barack Obama has some solid advice for improving public policy: elect more women.

At a conference in South Africa, Barack Obama shared some public policy advice you’d never hear from the current president: elect more women.…
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Trump wanted to look tough posing with bikers. It backfired in a major way.

Notice anything wrong with this picture? ​Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images. And no, we’re not just talking about Trump’s duck face pose. During his latest…
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This flight attendant had a gut feeling. So he followed it and saved 3 lives.

When three young women and a man boarded his flight, Wesley Hirata just had a bad feeling. The seasoned flight attendant, who has…
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