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Reality Winner accused of leaking NSA file about Russia hacking US election

Prosecutors say federal contractor printed classified document detailing how Russia hacked voting equipment vendor and was trying to breach local systemsThree days before…
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Dear tech bros, please stop with your gimmicky dating apps

Image: vicky leta / mashableDating apps are totally out of control. And, we only have tech bros to blame. As an online dater,…
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Where are the rest of the tech IPOs?

WhenSnap went public in early March, it opened up the floodgates after what had been a stagnant period for tech IPOs. The warm…
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Googles AlphaGo AI wins three-match series against the worlds best Go player

Googles AlphaGo AI has once again made the case that machines arenow smarter than man when it comes to games of strategy, at…
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Move Over Tesla, Europe’s Building Its Own Battery Gigafactories

Battery-making gigafactories are about to arrive in Europe, challenging a lead Daimler AG, which produces Mercedes-Benz and Maybach luxury cars.The facility 130 kilometers…
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Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers manipulate the system

A website built on the premise that most people are honest is struggling. Now at last there is a promise of more protection,…
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Popular social media sites ‘harm young people’s mental health’

Poll of 14- to 24-year-olds shows Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter increased feelings of inadequacy and anxietyFour of the five most popular forms…
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Xiaomi puts the focus on India with plans to open 100 retail stores

Xiaomi isincreasing its office retail presence in China as bids to gain ground stolen by rivals in its homeland, and now itis making…
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Uber faces criminal investigation after evading the law with ‘Greyball’ tool

US justice department inquiry comes after Uber acknowledged using software to identify and circumvent clampdowns by government officialsThe US Department of Justice has…
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Nikes two-hour marathon project reveals technological inequities in sport

This weekend, with technological help, three runners will try to break the two-hour marathon barrier. This is a good time to ask who…
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