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Banish mosquito bite itchiness forever with this new gadget

Press the button and hold on.Image: lance ulanoff/mashableMy leg is itchy. Not all of it, just the now-healing spot where a mosquito bit…
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This week in apps: Watch sharks on Google Earth, become a faux pilot, and everything else

The apps have changed again.Image: lili sams/mashableIt wouldn't surprise us if you were so caught up in picking the best foods to eat…
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RED’s ‘holographic’ Hydrogen is a phone only rich camera geeks will love

We barely know anything about the RED Hydrogen phone.Image: redProfessional camera maker RED announced the world's first holographic phone the Hydrogen on Thursday…
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Facebook plans to build a ‘mixed-use village,’ aka its very own town in California

Facebooktown.Image: Shutterstock / wernimagesFacebook isn't content with just governing everything you do online. The social networking giant announced plans this week to turn…
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Facebook is winning the social networking war, but here’s how Amazon almost did it first

Amazon CEO Jeff BezosImage: David Ryder/Getty ImagesIt may seem like Amazon is suddenly hungry to take over the world, but the company has…
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This week in apps: Watch videos with friends and island hop with UberBOAT

Download those new apps ASAP.Image: drew angerer/Getty ImagesIt's completely possible that you weren't able to keep up with app updates this week considering…
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AirPods will eventually come free with the iPhone — here’s why

iPhone 2020 will bring on the AirPods.Image: bob al-greene/mashableThe iPhone of the future may or may not look much like its predecessors, but…
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Volvo’s self-driving cars are thwarted by kangaroos

Self-driving cars, beware.Image: Shutterstock / Max NiessenSelf-driving cars can make it through ice, snow, thunderstorms, and the winding streets of Pittsburgh. What can't…
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Asgardia: the world’s first space nation

Hong Kong (CNN)Coming soon: a nation in space for humans. Russian scientist Dr Igor Ashurbeyli announced his plans to form the world's first…
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Banking with your personal assistant will be the future, whether you like it or not

Image: ambar del moral/mashableIt appears that asking your phone assistant for your bank account will soon be a reality. Samsung recently partnered with…
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