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Cortana skill for enterprise: example

Cortana has come a long way.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesIn the span of a few short years, voice has taken center stage in the…
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Mark Zuckerberg used election integrity as a reason to not break up the Facebook monopoly

Here's a reason why Facebook should keep control of Instagram and WhatsApp.Image: BOB AL-GREENE/MASHABLEIt's not hard to understand why Mark Zuckerberg loves the…
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Boosting your Mac’s graphics performance with Blackmagic’s eGPU is more trouble than it’s worth

Blackmagic's eGPU was co-designed with Apple. No wonder it looks like the trash can Mac Pro.Image: raymond wong/mashable Blackmagic eGPU $699 If you…
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In the future, your food could be delivered with an Uber Eats drone

Uber Eats could take to the air.Image: uberThe feeding frenzy continues.  Uber Eats, already one of the most popular food delivery apps, wants…
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Things got weird for Elon Musk on Twitter

Twitter is rolling back support for third-party clients -- here's why.Image: shutterstockIt's a day that some of Twitter's most high-profile developers have dreaded,…
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Instagram enables support for third party authenticator security apps

Multiple ways to authenticate.Image: LightRocket via Getty ImagesAbout time, Instagram. On Tuesday, Instagram announced several changes intended to improve security for its 1…
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The longest sea-crossing bridge EVER is about to open

The data collected from provided the groundwork for Google's secret, Chinese censorship-friendly, mobile search app.Image: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesMore information is…
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After losing users’ trust, Facebook gives them trustworthiness score

TRUST.Image: Chip Somodevilla/gettyFacebook knows it has a trust problem.  In an effort to better manage how its users flag content they object to,…
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Facebook and Instagram put a bandaid on social media addiction

Facebook and Instagram kind of sort of have a way to (maybe) break your addiction.Image: Getty ImagesFacebook and Instagram will soon be able…
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Here’s how Poor Cat Designs keeps a personal touch in the age of AI

Image: Poor cat designsFacebook has been pushing for AI Bots to handle customer inquiries, and Apple is offering Business Chat for iMessage.  But…
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