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Apple says iPhones aren’t spying on users in letter to Congress

Private eyes aren't watching you, says Apple.Image: vicky leta/mashableThere's more evidence debunking the conspiracy theory that your iPhone is secretly listening to you.…
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Of course Elon Musk used Twitter to share Tesla’s business plans

Tesla CEO Elon Musk does things a bit differently.Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty ImagesIt certainly felt like a whim or marijuana-infused trolling, but Elon Musk's…
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Meet the man who makes music with vegetables

Image: Pete Pachal/Mashable Plume SuperPods $199 (plus $60/year subscription) In case you've been living in a wireless bubble, mesh WiFi is where it's…
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These Coinbase customer complaints submitted to the SEC are depressing as hell

Anger, confusion, and despair.Image: The Washington Post/GettyLife savings lost. Desperate cries for help. Allegations of fraud. In the six years since its founding,…
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Facebook announces ‘Keyword Snooze’ feature for ignoring the world

Let's just pretend everything's fine.Image: Nastco/gettyEverything is not OK, but with Facebook's new Keyword Snooze feature you don't have to know that. Going…
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ADcase is a high-tech ‘mobile airbag’ for your falling smartphone

Image: Frenzel + Mayer SolutionsWe've all been there: A minor fumble, and seconds later your $500 (or more!) smartphone crashes to the floor.…
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The U.S. Government Accuses Two Chinese Phone Makers of Spying on Americans – Here’s Why We Think It’s Bullsh*t

Who needs a China-America trade war when we've got a war over ZTE and sanctions brewing within our own government?!Image: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesAfter…
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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts are worth millions

Mark Zuckerberg is laughing all the way to the bank.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesLOL remember when we all thought Facebook's 2012 acquisition of Instagram…
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LGBTQ truckers tackle fears on the road, build strong community online

Uber's Greg Murphy hosts a Pride panel for LGBTQ truckers.Image: sasha lekach/mashableLong-haul truck drivers already face plenty of dangers on the road, but…
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Slack went down again, so colleagues had to talk to each other

What are this? Freedom?Image: SlackSlack was down for a few hours today. It has now returned online. The original story appears below. Slack…
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