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Michael Kors Facebook AR ad in News Feed test run

Facebook is inserting your face right into the ads in your news feed thanks to AR.Image: FACEBOOKYou’ll soon be able to try on…
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Things got weird for Elon Musk on Twitter

Twitter is rolling back support for third-party clients -- here's why.Image: shutterstockIt's a day that some of Twitter's most high-profile developers have dreaded,…
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Instagram enables support for third party authenticator security apps

Multiple ways to authenticate.Image: LightRocket via Getty ImagesAbout time, Instagram. On Tuesday, Instagram announced several changes intended to improve security for its 1…
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After losing users’ trust, Facebook gives them trustworthiness score

TRUST.Image: Chip Somodevilla/gettyFacebook knows it has a trust problem.  In an effort to better manage how its users flag content they object to,…
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Facebook and Instagram put a bandaid on social media addiction

Facebook and Instagram kind of sort of have a way to (maybe) break your addiction.Image: Getty ImagesFacebook and Instagram will soon be able…
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Facebook deletes 4 pages belonging to Alex Jones and InfoWars

Alex Jones, probably trying to figure out how his Facebook pages got banned.Image: Getty ImagesDon't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls…
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Facebook announces ‘Keyword Snooze’ feature for ignoring the world

Let's just pretend everything's fine.Image: Nastco/gettyEverything is not OK, but with Facebook's new Keyword Snooze feature you don't have to know that. Going…
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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts are worth millions

Mark Zuckerberg is laughing all the way to the bank.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesLOL remember when we all thought Facebook's 2012 acquisition of Instagram…
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Facebook prohibits gun accessories from being advertised to minors

Facebook announces additional restrictions on firearm-related advertising.Image: NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGESFacebook is tightening up its rules on advertising gun accessories to minors. The…
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Burger King just showed how valuable Instagram stories are for brands

More burgers, more money, more grams.Image: lola & SarahThere are two plausible reactions to a new Instagram campaign from Burger King. The first:…
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