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Idiot Gets Hilariously Called Out After Going on Stupid Rant About Being a Party Animal

1 Via: ebaumsworld Read more:
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Angry Boyfriend Hacks Into His Cheating Girlfriend’s Facebook to Publicly Humiliate Her

Yet another fine example that cheaters NEVER WIN.  1 Via: Dude Comedy Read more:
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Girlfriend Goes Absolutely CRAZY On Girl Who Followed Her Boyfriend On Instagram

The girlfriend in this scenario isn't even "overprotective." It's a f**king Instagram follow dude. Can you imagine the boyfriend of this relationship out…
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10 Times Domino’s Pizza Zimbabwe’s Facebook Page Didn’t Fail to Bring the High Quality Entertainment

Definitely our first time stumbling across a 'Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe' Facebook posts dump, and damn are we glad we did. Whoever is running/ran…
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Smalltown Police Department’s Facebook Page Is Trolling Comments Section and It’s Gold

This police department's winning the social media game.  1 Via: Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department 3 Via: Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department 5 Via: Wilkes-Barre…
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why do men suffer depression in silence?

When Kevin Braddock hit rockbottom, he had every intention of killing himself. He recounts what happened next and reveals why so few men…
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Are smartphones really making our children sad?

US psychologist Jean Twenge, who has claimed that social media is having a malign affect on the young, answers critics who accuse her…
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How Facebook groups bring people closer together neo-Nazis included

Mark Zuckerbergs new mission is to bring the world closer together. But Facebook groups can unite extremists as easily as they serve hobbyistsRicky…
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UK eyeing fines for social media content moderation failures

After the UK Prime Minister Theresa May secured a joint statementfrom theG7 on Friday,backing a call for social media firms to do more…
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Millennial influencers who are the new stars of web advertising

Beauty vloggers and cult celebrities are being courted by luxury brandsSeven years ago, Chiara Ferragni was a fledgling 23-year-old fashion blogger, studying law…
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