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Facebook must change and policymakers must act on data, warns UK watchdog

The UK’s data watchdog has warned that Facebook must overhaul its privacy-hostile business model or risk burning user trust for good. Comments she…
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Trump urges world to reject globalism in UN speech that draws mocking laughter

President says we reject globalism and embrace the doctrine of patriotism but laughter breaks out when Trump boasts of achievementsDonald Trump urged other…
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Dutch expelled Russians over alleged novichok lab hacking plot

Two men were arrested over alleged plan to infiltrate lab where Salisbury nerve agent was analysedThe Dutch government expelled two alleged Russian spies…
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Does Anyone in Trumpland Understand Encryption?

The FBI But it seems like key people in Trumps orbit didnt realize that it can take more than protecting the contents of…
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Death, Diamondsand Russias AfricaProject

The poorest country according to the World Bank, has turned a spotlight on what looks like a big Kremlin play for influence and…
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Russian Journalists Murdered in Africa May Have Been Set Up

The international airport in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, is a grim, dusty little installation in a country all but…
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Dollar Debt Will Be Elusive to Turkey as U.S. Sanctions Bite

The summer holiday in the bond market may be a long one for Turkey.New dollar issuance, including government and corporate-sector bonds, has dried…
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Poles apart: the bitter conflict over a nations communist history

The long read: Many Poles remember Soviet soldiers saving them from Nazi occupation. But a growing number are rejecting that narrative, and the…
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Claim sunken warship has 200 tons of gold on board triggers frenzy in South Korea

Experts sceptical about claims made by company that says it has found the Dmitrii Donskoi, which went down during 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese warA South…
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Trumps Missing DNC Server Is Neither Missing Nor a Server

Donald Trump turns to right-wing conspiracy theories when hes cornered, and he was cornered on Monday. intelligence agencies, and launched into a rambling…
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