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Homeland Security chief: Airplane terror threat ‘keeps me up at night’

Washington (CNN)Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Friday that the heightened threat of terrorists taking down a commercial airline is one…
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Anger as Tate asks staff to contribute towards boat for Nicholas Serota

Notices about leaving gift appear in staff rooms amid disputes over low pay and outsourcing, and end of canteen discountThe Tate has come…
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State Rep., tired of bigotry, calls online troll’s grandmother

(CNN)When an online troll posted a racist and bigoted message on State Rep. Brian Sims' Facebook page, he didn't pull any punches --…
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Pelosi: Government funding bill still has ’70 poison pills’

Washington (CNN)House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday evening that the funding bill under negotiation still has "70 poison pills" that the Democratic…
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Plain cigarette packaging could drive 300,000 Britons to quit smoking

Review by research organisation Cochrane suggests impact of UKs ban on branded packs could echo results seen in AustraliaPlain cigarette cartons featuring large,…
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Republicans aim to revive health care with new amendment

(CNN)House Republicans are hoping they can revive Obamacare negotiations once again.GOP lawmakers in the House have taken the crucial step of putting their…
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Government shutdown: Trump shows ‘reasonableness’ on border wall

(CNN)Congressional Republicans have privately proposed a funding bill that does not include money for the border wall, a Congressional source told CNN on…
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Trump to review power to establish federal lands

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump will order a review of the 1906 law that gives the president of the United States power to set…
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Budget director: Trump would sign a funding bill without wall money

Washington (CNN)With a potential government shutdown set for Friday at midnight, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney confirmed on Tuesday that President Donald…
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Has the presidency changed Trump?

(CNN)For a man used to tracking his TV ratings -- as well as his poll numbers -- the measurement of President Donald Trump's…
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