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First on CNN: House Russia investigators get access to Treasury data

(CNN)Investigators on the House intelligence committees have obtained access to valuable data from the Treasury Department, a development that will open their doors…
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Trump donors closely watch the daily fracas, whether it’s Comey or Israel

Washington (CNN)The scandals that are metastasizing around the Trump administration are rankling some of the President's largest contributors, who were already in short…
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The 2020 Democratic race is underway. Here are 5 takeaways

Washington (CNN)Democrats got their first side-by-side view of the biggest names vying to lead the party -- and potentially its ticket against President…
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Behind the scenes of the hunt for a new FBI director

(CNN)Attorney General Jeff Sessions and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have interviewed multiple candidates for FBI director, according to sources familiar with the…
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Nancy Pelosi: Trump sharing classified info would be ‘very, very damaging’

Washington (CNN)House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said if President Donald Trump revealed intelligence from a US ally to Russian officials, it would be…
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Intel officials: Trump disclosure ‘carelessly’ threatened relationship with ally

Washington (CNN)A Washington Post report that President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with Russian diplomats in a meeting last week drew immediate…
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State Dept. left in the dark about Tillerson statement on Post’s Trump report

Washington (CNN)Confusion at the upper levels of US government was on display Monday as the White House scrambled to respond to a report…
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Jeremy Corbyn’s leaked draft manifesto: what Labour would do

Labour would keep Trident, nationalise the railways and phase out tuition fees, among other policiesDetails of a draft version of Labours pitch to…
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Trump’s love-hate relationship with James Comey

Washington (CNN)The same day FBI Director James Comey announced he was recommending that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not be charged in…
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Nixon Library weighs in: Comey firing ‘#notNixonian’

Washington (CNN)Many people on Tuesday began likening President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director Jim Comey to President Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre,"…
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