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Tag Archives: Politics

Trump warns North Korea against making ‘overt’ threats

(CNN)US President Donald Trump called the leader of China and spoke with the governor of Guam on Friday amid mounting tensions with North…
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In McConnell spat, Trump banks on his base

Washington (CNN)The only surprise about President Donald Trump's flare-up with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is that it took so long.Political logic?While Trump…
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Trump at 200 days: Declining approval amid widespread mistrust

(CNN)Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump's overall approval rating stands at its lowest point in CNN polling, while three-quarters of Americans say…
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Unlearning the myth of American innocence

The long read: When she was 30, Suzy Hansen left the US for Istanbul and began to realise that Americans will never understand…
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Republican senators realizing legislative agenda is in their own hands

Washington (CNN)Republican senators left Washington for the annual August recess last week, devoid of the kind of monumental accomplishments many of them had…
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Trump praises AG Sessions’ plans to combat leaks

(CNN)President Donald Trump on Saturday praised Attorney General Jeff Sessions' plan to combat leaks of classified information a rare show of support for…
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Devils Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the Storming of the Presidency by Joshua Green review

The American journalists pithy account of Steve Bannons impact on Donald Trump fails to shed much light on what makes the former film…
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US, Russia hurtle toward dangerous escalation

Washington (CNN)The United States and Russia are plunging deeper into their worst crisis since the Cold War, with politics in both nations outpacing…
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Senator announces bipartisan health care hearing on Obamacare

(CNN)Several Republican and Democrat lawmakers agree that Congress needs to prevent a collapse of the health insurance market, which could hurt millions of…
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Why the Trump White House drama really matters

(CNN)More than six months into his presidency, President Donald Trump, his top aides and at least one Cabinet secretary exist in a rolling…
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