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No-deal Brexit would spawn ‘legal morass and economic disaster’

Experts predict widespread, damaging and pervasive effects on Britain if no agreement is reached before planned EU exit in 2019Leaving the European Union…
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Sneak peek at US Navy’s new $13B aircraft carrier

Norfolk, Virginia (CNN)Perched 50 feet above the USS Gerald Ford's massive flight deck, Petty Officer 1st Class Jose Triana has a clear view…
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Trump and Republican senators are the 53 angriest people in Washington

Washington (CNN)The GOP turned into the Grouchy Old Party, as recriminations flew after the failure this week to repeal and replace Obamacare --…
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Trump letting Obamacare fail is ‘cynical and sinister,’ Sen. Cory Booker says

(CNN)New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker slammed President Donald Trump for declaring he would let Obamacare fail Tuesday, saying "that's not just cynical, it's…
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Devil’s Bargain review: Steve Bannon and the making of President Joe Pesci

Donald Trump takes second billing careful, Steve in a propulsive tale of the Goodfellas election heist that stunned Republicans, America and the worldNo…
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Gulf states hint at possible expulsion of Qatar from regional bloc

UAE foreign minister expected to claim blockade on Qatar is working but the Gulf group remains adamant Doha has to change political courseThe…
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The ever-changing story about Trump Jr.’s meeting — what we know

Washington (CNN)New revelations about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting last summer with a Russian lawyer are continuing to surface a week after the revelation…
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Donald Trump is not the only unpredictable leader in Paris today

(CNN)French President Emmanuel Macron is making a play to be Europe's Trump whisperer.Trump plays tough hand'You're in such good shape' Opinion: Europe's Trump…
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Exclusive: Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy

Washington (CNN)Video obtained exclusively by CNN offers a new look inside the web of relationships now at the center of allegations of collusion…
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Anderson Cooper to White House official: ‘I’m just going to ignore the insults’

(CNN)Anderson Cooper responded to an attack on CNN and other journalists from White House senior aide Sebastian Gorka Wednesday, telling the outspoken adviser…
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