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Tag Archives: Politics

US, Russia hurtle toward dangerous escalation

Washington (CNN)The United States and Russia are plunging deeper into their worst crisis since the Cold War, with politics in both nations outpacing…
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Senator announces bipartisan health care hearing on Obamacare

(CNN)Several Republican and Democrat lawmakers agree that Congress needs to prevent a collapse of the health insurance market, which could hurt millions of…
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Why the Trump White House drama really matters

(CNN)More than six months into his presidency, President Donald Trump, his top aides and at least one Cabinet secretary exist in a rolling…
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Is the world really better than ever?

The long read: The headlines have never been worse. But an increasingly influential group of thinkers insists that humankind has never had it…
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Kid Rock creating non-profit to promote voter registration

Washington (CNN)About two weeks after teasing a potential bid for US Senate, musician Kid Rock announced early Thursday morning that he is creating…
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Does US North Korea sanctions bill risk China relationship?

(CNN)The US may target Chinese companies as part of new North Korea sanctions, an administration official said this week, even as diplomats are…
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The Democrats have a plan. Now can they sell it?

(CNN)The plan is out and the verdict is in. Progressives are greeting the Democratic congressional leadership's new economic agenda with cautious optimism, choosing…
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The dramatic return of John McCain

(CNN)It will take more than a devastating diagnosis to keep John McCain out of the heat of political battle.McCain's return comes as he…
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Pence calls on GOP to ‘step up to the plate’ on health care bill

(CNN)Vice President Mike Pence is increasing the pressure for Republicans to pass health care legislation, calling on senators to "step up to the…
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Laughing at ISIS to defeat them

Mumbai, India (CNN)Deep in the outskirts of Mumbai, India, tucked away in a small conference room among dozens of buildings known as Bollywood's…
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