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Tag Archives: Politics

Jared Kushner’s team turned over documents to special counsel in Russia investigation

(CNN)Jared Kushner has turned over documents in recent weeks to special counsel Robert Mueller as investigators have begun asking in witness interviews about…
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Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

Exclusive: Billionaire media mogul says it is hard to understand why a country doing so well wanted to ruin itMichael Bloomberg, the billionaire…
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John McCain keeps serving his revenge to Donald Trump ice cold

(CNN)In an interview with C-SPAN about the Vietnam War that ran over the weekend, Sen. John McCain said this:The "bone spur" shot is…
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Donald Trump was the big loser in Virginia

(CNN)The race for Virginia governor on Tuesday night wasn't very close. And Republicans have Donald Trump to blame for it.The exit polls bear…
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Sean Hannity is losing advertisers over his coverage of Roy Moore

Sean Hannity's been reluctant to distance himself from Roy Moore. So now Hannity's advertisers are distancing themselves from him. SEE ALSO: So many…
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Trump, Putin shake hands, chat multiple times at Asia-Pacific summit

Da Nang, Vietnam (CNN)President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not hold a formal meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit…
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Donald Trump just hit a new low in the La David Johnson fiasco

(CNN)Calling the widow of an American soldier killed in action is, emotionally speaking, absolutely gut-wrenching. Knowing that nothing you will say can bring…
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Trump says Texas shooting result of ‘mental health problem’ not US gun laws

Tokyo (CNN)President Donald Trump said Monday that he believes the Texas church shooting was caused by a "mental health problem," not an issue…
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How the GOP’s tax plan will screw you specifically

One of the Republicans’ favorite fiscal tricks is masking benefit cuts for average Americans behind tax cuts. The hope is that most voters…
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The NFL might ban players from kneeling during the national anthem

Image: Getty ImagesThe NFL is totally happy about its players speaking their minds—as long as it doesn't hurt the NFL.  That's the gist…
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