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Meeting Russians for dirt on Clinton? It may be immoral but it’s not illegal

(CNN)The President's son, Donald Trump Jr., has served up yet another juicy morsel of staggeringly inappropriate behavior by the Trump campaign, once again…
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Why Russia-probe investigators are looking at anti-money laundering database

(CNN)It has been reported that the Senate and House Intelligence committees investigating possible ties between Trump campaign officials and the Russians have begun…
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‘Hawaii Five-0′ Asian actors won’t be without projects for long

(CNN)It's been a little more than a week since word leaked that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were leaving CBS's resilient hit…
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Gordon Brown and Shakira: G20 leaders agreed to education financing, now comes the harder part

(CNN)If ours was a world where every child was in school and learning, then the two of us probably would have never met.…
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The helium shutoff — a side effect of the Qatar confrontation

(CNN)The recent diplomatic dustup between Qatar and many other Gulf nations caused some nervousness for some of the world's most cutting edge scientists.While…
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Stanley: Is Trump an enemy of free speech or merely exercising it in a way that liberals dislike?

(CNN)Slowly, tweet by tweet, we are building an etiquette of online behavior. The rule is: be as nasty as you like, but there…
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What goes on in the mind of ‘trolls’

(CNN)Here we are today, in Donald Trump's version of "modern day presidential": Random badly behaved men on the Internet suddenly find their juvenile…
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New sanitary pad tax exposes India’s archaic period taboos

(CNN)Sanitary pads, an essential need for all adult women, have been placed in a non-essential tax bracket by the Indian government. The 12%…
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Serena’s ace bests McEnroe’s double fault

(CNN)Learning how to handle bad calls is something Serena Williams -- and every other tennis player at her level -- has had to…
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McConnell’s test: Can he do more than obstruct?

(CNN)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is facing a major test this week. Since revealing the details of the Republican health care plan, McConnell…
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