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Disney Bans Trump Fan For Repeatedly Flashing ‘Trump 2020′ Signs

It worked ― sorta ― except now he’s been permanently banned from all Disney properties. Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World holding a…
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Why people drink more alcohol in the winter

Since alcohol is a vasodilator that increases warm blood flow in the skin, the findings suggested that people reach for booze when it’s cold outside…
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First Amendment Expert Says CNN ‘Should Sue’ White House Over Jim Acosta

First Amendment expert Floyd Abrams said Sunday that It would be a “really strong lawsuit,” the attorney Reliable Sources.” Abrams referred to a case…
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Satanic Temple Sues Netflix Over ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Statue

suing Netflix and Warner Bros. Entertainment for $150 million for using what temple leaders claim is their “copyrighted” goat-headed statue in a new…
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Boeing in hotseat after Indonesian MAX jet crash

Chiangmai, Thailand - February 26, 2014: HS-LTH Boeing 737-900ER of Thai Lion Air , landing at Chiangmai airport from Bangkok.<br> (iStock) “The existing…
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Trump Calls Saudi Arabia A ‘Spectacular Ally’ Despite CIA’s Khashoggi Findings

On Saturday, before leaving to review the wildfire damage in California, Trump addressed “We haven’t been briefed yet,” Trump told reporters on the…
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Reality Check: Your Dog Is Terrible For The Environment

Lyla is a pug, a very popular type of dog. She’s also a vegan. Her owner has stopped feeding her meat, a decision…
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Gunman on the loose after shooting 3 people at Albuquerque business: cops

Albuquerque police responded to reports of an active shooter at around 6:15 p.m. Police identified the suspect as Waid Anthony Melton. A possible…
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Merkel coalition loses support in Germany regional election

Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union was defending its 19-year hold on Hesse, previously a stronghold of the center-left Social Democrats, the chancellor's federal…
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American flag mural at pizza shop vandalized, protested in small town

Luitenant Robert Lucchesi told Fox News that police are still actively investigating the case after the graffiti allegedly appeared Monday night. Protesters stand…
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