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Forget Watson, the Red Hat acquisition may be the thing that saves IBM

With its latest $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat, IBM may have found something more elementary than “Watson” to save its flagging business.…
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This might be the cutest AI-powered robot ever

Image: Lili Sams/MashableWindows Mobile? That's not really a thing anymore. But with the latest update to Windows, Microsoft is sending a message, that…
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Cortana skill for enterprise: example

Cortana has come a long way.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesIn the span of a few short years, voice has taken center stage in the…
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Why Tech Worker Dissent Is Going Viral

Silicon Valley has a long and secretive history of building hardware and software for the military and law enforcement. In contrast, a recent…
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The Elite Microsoft Hacker Team That Keeps Windows PCs Safe

“Windows is still the central repository of malware and exploits. Practically, there’s so much business done around the world on Windows. The attacker…
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Apple, Facebook, Microsoft speak out against family border separation

Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and others condemn the Trump administration's immigration policy.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesExecutives at Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Uber, and more tech…
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A New Privacy Problem Could Deepen Facebook’s Legal Trouble

On Sunday, The New York Times revealed that Facebook had deals with phone manufacturers including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Blackberry going back a…
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The Young and the Reckless

I. The BumperThe trip to Delaware was only supposed to last a day. David Pokora, a bespectacled University of Toronto senior with scraggly…
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Microsoft rolls out LinkedIn integrations in

Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of business networking site LinkedIn is starting to pay off – at least in terms of product integrations that…
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AI hype has peaked so whats next?

Tom Rikert is a partner at Next World Capital. More posts by this contributor: The Next Big Opportunity In Enterprise Starts In The Field…
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