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Challenges to Silicon Valley wont just come from Brussels

Fine of 2.4bn levied on Google is a sign of the continued erosion of US tech firms domination of the internetThe whopping for…
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Local businesses can now post on Google with Posts on Google

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Facebook and Google are taking unprecedented steps to crack down on bad ads

The world of online advertising remains split: there's the Wild West and then there's the corporate dystopia. In the wild west, dozens of…
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Alphabet joins Amazon with stocks trading over $1000

Alphabet stocks began trading at just over $1,000 todayImage: Lennihan/AP/REX/ShutterstockWhat could you buy with $1,000? A new MacBook? A pair of Louboutins? How…
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Sergey Brins giant airship will be worlds largest, serve humanitarian role

Google co-founder Sergey Brin isThe Guardian reports some additional details about the purpose and nature of the project. Itll be used both as…
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Googles AlphaGo AI wins three-match series against the worlds best Go player

Googles AlphaGo AI has once again made the case that machines arenow smarter than man when it comes to games of strategy, at…
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Alphabets efforts beyond search are ballooning into their own huge businesses

Alphabets advertising business seems to be following the same pattern these days but its operationsbeyond that look like they are beginning to growinto…
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Journalism faces a crisis worldwide we might be entering a new dark age | Margaret Simons

Almost anyone can use the worldwide web to be a media outlet, so how will we differentiate between truth, myth and lies?Australias two…
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Google Areo is a new app for ordering food or home services in India

Google is getting into the restaurant delivery and home services businesses nope,not in the U.S., but rather in parts of India. The company…
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Ex-Google self-driving engineer secretly collaborated with competitors, suit says

New details emerge in Google lawsuit that alleges former employee Anthony Levandowski plotted to steal trade secrets and take them to UberA former…
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