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The slip ‘n’ slide of solar panels are easier to transport and may save lives

Facebook is altering how it shows posts like never before.Image: BRITTANY HERBERT/MASHABLEWatch out, publishers: a nightmare scenario on Facebook may soon be a…
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Facebook and Google competed for anti-immigration ad dollars during the 2016 election

In a textbook illustration of the conflict of interest between Facebook and Google’s ostensible dedication to free speech and their ostensible espousal of…
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Facebook drops no-vote stock plan, Zuck will sell shares to fund philanthropy

Mark Zuckerberg has gotten so rich that he can fund his philanthropic foundation and retain voting control without Facebook having to issue a…
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Angry Boyfriend Hacks Into His Cheating Girlfriend’s Facebook to Publicly Humiliate Her

Yet another fine example that cheaters NEVER WIN.  1 Via: Dude Comedy Read more:
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WhatsApp announces free Business app, will charge big enterprises

WhatsApp is gearing up to finally monetize its messaging app by charging large enterprise businesses for tools to better communicate with customers. WhatsApp…
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10 Times Domino’s Pizza Zimbabwe’s Facebook Page Didn’t Fail to Bring the High Quality Entertainment

Definitely our first time stumbling across a 'Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe' Facebook posts dump, and damn are we glad we did. Whoever is running/ran…
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Smalltown Police Department’s Facebook Page Is Trolling Comments Section and It’s Gold

This police department's winning the social media game.  1 Via: Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department 3 Via: Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department 5 Via: Wilkes-Barre…
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why do men suffer depression in silence?

When Kevin Braddock hit rockbottom, he had every intention of killing himself. He recounts what happened next and reveals why so few men…
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Stop children bingeing on social media during holidays, parents urged

Childrens commissioner says too much time is spent online as she launches five a day campaignThe childrens commissioner has warned parents that they…
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How Facebook groups bring people closer together neo-Nazis included

Mark Zuckerbergs new mission is to bring the world closer together. But Facebook groups can unite extremists as easily as they serve hobbyistsRicky…
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