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Vatican to hold exorcist training course after ‘rise in possessions’

Critics warn exorcism can be a form of spiritual abuse as priests report jump in possession claimsThe Vatican is to hold a training…
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Chinas Vast Intercontinental Building Plan Is Gaining Momentum

Here’s a Quicktake on what Xi describes as the ‘project of the century’ The program isn’t without controversy: debt began operations last year,…
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World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Heading to Malta

Binance to announce banking partnership in Malta: Zhao Move to Europe comes after crackdowns in Japan, China cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges since…
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Belgian bars put the boot into tourists who steal beer glasses

Pubs are finding novel ways to combat illicit glass collectors, with one demanding a shoe as a depositWhile the beer is famously good…
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Facebook Plunges as Pressure Mounts on Zuckerberg Over Data

Demands follow report that Cambridge Analytica violated rules Lawmakers seek more than ‘false reassurance’ on data safety Mark Zuckerberg to appear before lawmakers…
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Accusations about Berlusconi’s ties to Sicilian mafia revived

Alessandro di Battista, main rival in Italys election, launches scathing attack on former PMAccusations about Silvio Berlusconis historic ties to a close associate…
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Safe, happy and free: does Finland have all the answers?

In the first of our new series, The Upside, we look at how the country went from famine to topping nearly every global…
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German cities to trial free public transport to cut pollution

Plan to be tested in five cities in effort to meet EU air pollution targets and avoid big fines German cities to trial…
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Cranberries Singer Dolores ORiordan Dead at 46

London (AP) -- Dolores O'Riordan, whose urgent, powerful voice helped make Irish rock band The Cranberries a global success in the 1990s, died…
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EU declares war on plastic waste

Brussels targets single-use plastics in an urgent clean-up plan that aims to make all packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030 EU declares war…
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