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Elon Musk really will launch a Tesla Roadster on the first Falcon Heavy rocket

Elon Musk shared images on his Instagram account today of the payload being loaded up on the first Falcon Heavy rocket that will…
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Financial technology startups emerged as serious challengers to financial services in 2017

Dana Stalder Contributor Definition: Matrix considers “FinTechs” to be (a) technology-first companies that leverage software to compete with traditional financial services institutions (e.g.…
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‘Is this real?’ Obama lets America know who to thank for growing economy [video]

The economic news these days hasn’t been all bad, and former President Barack Obama was there this week to let Americans know who…
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Canadian grocery chain orders 25 Tesla electric Semi trucks

Tesla’s Semi is off to a promising start, despite there being no official pricing information available yet: In addition to a Walmart pilot,…
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Heres our first look at Elon Musks Boring Co. LA tunnel

Elon Musk is digging a tunnel under Hawthorne near SpaceX headquarters in California, after receiving approval from city council to do so. Musk’s…
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With $53 million in new funding, Movile looks to become the Tencent of Latin America

With its Rappido subsidiary looking to become a marketplace for all sorts of online and delivery services, Movile is moving further along in…
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Here comes PragueCrunch V

Ive been visiting Central Europe almost every year and almost every year my buddy Jack Deneut has been setting up PragueCrunch, our kind-of-semi-annual…
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Insurance startup Quilt adds life insurance to its portfolio of products

The startup insurance application processor Quilt has added a life insurance product to its portfolio andhas begun pitching its digital enrollment in 37…
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For investors seeking a purpose-built CRM toolkit, Affinity raised $13.5 million to get you covered

For the venture capitalists, hedge funders, investment bankers and private equity folks trawling the skyways looking for deals, theres nothing more important than…
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Hong Kongs Qupital raises $2M led by Alibaba to finance invoice loans for SMES

the $130 million AlibabaEntrepreneurs Fund which launched in 2015. Other investors that took part includeDRL Capital and Aria Group. Founded by mid-20-year-oldsAndy Chan…
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