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Republican Response to Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment Is Embarassing

“shithole” countriesSen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) Trump said, “…things which were hate-filled, vile, and racist … You’ve seen the comments in the press; I’ve…
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Trump mounts extraordinary defence of his ‘mental stability’

President boasts of being a very stable genius and calls Michael Wolff a fraud but author says his explosive book will finally end…
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Trump is now dangerous that makes his mental health a matter of public interest | Bandy Lee

This world authority in psychiatry, consulted by US politicians, argues that the presidents mental fitness deserves scrutinyEight months ago, a group of us…
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Private prison investors set for giant windfall from Trump tax bill

Prison firms that restructured as real estate investment trusts see substantial tax cut more good news for those who benefit from increased incarcerationIndividual…
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‘There’s no other word but racist': Trump’s global rebuke for ‘shithole’ remark

US diplomats around the world were summoned for formal reproach, amid global shock over Trump calling African nations, Haiti and El Salvador shitholesDonald…
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Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’, Bannon says in explosive book

Former White House strategist quoted in Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff, as saying: Theyre going to crack Don Junior like an egg…
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‘Fire and Fury’ lawyer shoots back at Trump’s team in blistering letter

Lawyers representing the firm that published Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House strongly pushed back against President Donald Trump‘s legal team,…
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‘Fire and Fury': 5 Excerpts That Ring True Based on Past Evidence

Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White HouseEvery new development has been breathlessly reported upon and debated, with critics on both sides of…
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WHOOPS: NY Gov. Cuomo’s ‘all-out assault on GOP tax bill’ wrecks tax-happy state DEMS

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly considering challenging the constitutionality of the GOP tax bill in court: Andrew Cuomo is waging an…
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DERP STATE: John Brennan thinks TRUMP blew it with the ‘moderates’ in Iran

John Brennan, former CIA director under Barack Obama, joined Twitter only last September and has tweeted only six times since then, but he’s…
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