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Tag Archives: Donald Trump

WHOOPS: NY Gov. Cuomo’s ‘all-out assault on GOP tax bill’ wrecks tax-happy state DEMS

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly considering challenging the constitutionality of the GOP tax bill in court: Andrew Cuomo is waging an…
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DERP STATE: John Brennan thinks TRUMP blew it with the ‘moderates’ in Iran

John Brennan, former CIA director under Barack Obama, joined Twitter only last September and has tweeted only six times since then, but he’s…
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OMG! Trump signed the GOP Tax Bill and PEOPLE ARE DYING; not really, but the Left’s reaction is PRICELESS

This morning, President Donald Trump signed the biggest tax reform in a generation into law and people are literally COMBUSTING where they stand,…
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Robert Mueller May Indict Paul Manafort Again

From its inception, two things about special counsel Robert Muellers investigation were clear: first, the White Houses biggest concern was that Mueller would…
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‘Is this real?’ Obama lets America know who to thank for growing economy [video]

The economic news these days hasn’t been all bad, and former President Barack Obama was there this week to let Americans know who…
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Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and all: have we reached peak asshole?

From the US president firing dimwitted tweets at Kim Jong-un, to Hollywood moguls and actors exposed as sexual predators, and the oafish Boris…
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CNN footage of Trump golfing leaves conservatives furious

On Christmas, President Donald Trump said he would get “back to work” after the holiday to “Make America Great Again.” However, as CNN…
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Senate Republicans pass sweeping overhaul of US tax code

Bill passed in early hours of Saturday will benefit big businesses and the wealthy, and give Donald Trump his first major legislative victorySenate…
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‘We’re under attack': young conservatives gather to reject political correctness

This week 3,000 college students met near Trumps Mar-a-Lago resort for a summit on free speech, the culture wars, and the dangers posed…
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Disney World Disaster: The Trump Robot In The Hall Of Presidents Seems To Have Roped All The Other Robot Presidents Into A Ponzi Scheme To Sell Trump Brand Luxury Vinegar

If you’re planning to visit Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, you might encounter a few technical hiccups. According to park officials, the Donald…
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