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The value of the Trump Organization has reportedly fallen off a cliff

President Donald Trump‘s business is reportedly worth much less than it previously claimed. According to Crain’s New York Business, a business-centric publication that…
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Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

Exclusive: Billionaire media mogul says it is hard to understand why a country doing so well wanted to ruin itMichael Bloomberg, the billionaire…
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Dont write off Texas shooter’s violence against women as a mental health issue

On Sunday morning, Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire into a Sutherland Springs, Texas, Baptist church, killing 26 people, including 14 children and a…
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Woman fired for giving Trump motorcade the finger

Late last month, a woman biking alongside President Donald Trump‘s motorcade extended her middle finger and became a folk hero to the left. Now,…
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Fox New story about pro-Trump Navy SEAL was fake

The story, which ran on Oct. 8, highlighted John Garofalo–who created a large glass presidential seal he hoped to give to President Donald…
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1 million people have signed petition calling for Trump’s impeachment

As if the news could get any worse for President Donald Trump. Amid the hubbub of Monday’s three-hit beating from the federal investigation…
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Trump attempts to say Puerto Rico with a Spanish accent, fails spectacularly

Did you know President Donald Trump speaks Spanish? No? That’s because he doesn’t, a fact made painfully obvious on Friday when he repeatedly…
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Jared Kushner reportedly used a private email account for White House business

The report specifies that Kushner has not solely used his private account and that he has used his official government account for White House…
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The Final Straw: Trump Was Forced To Dissolve His Business Council After Twinkie The Kid Resigned In Protest

Over the past 48 hours, President Trump has seen a handful of CEOs leave his business advisory council over his Charlottesville remarks, but…
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James Woods’ Statue Tweet Has Inspired Some Hilarious Twitter Memes

James Woods' behavior has been pretty insane over the past few years. From his homophobic tweets about Anderson Cooper, to dating a drug…
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