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Tag Archives: Donald J. Trump

Does Anyone in Trumpland Understand Encryption?

The FBI But it seems like key people in Trumps orbit didnt realize that it can take more than protecting the contents of…
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This Is How It Always Ends for Trumps Scuzzy Friends

Is it dangerous to be friends with Donald Trump?Duh.If yesterday didnt prove to you my theory that now-wrecked lives of two of Trumps…
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Mueller 1, Manafort 0: Trumps Ex-Campaign Boss Convicted of Fraud, Faces Years in Prison

Paul Manafort, the wheeling-dealing former Trump campaign chairman, was convicted Tuesday of eight fraud-related counts in a case stemming from special counsel Robert…
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Trump Is in Such Deep Sh*t, Omarosa Is Almost a Relief

In Donald Trumps world, its hard to tell sometimes where the con ends and reality begins, but when you apply the simplest cui…
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Omarosa Recording of John Kelly Raises Questions About Security in the White House

The White House blasted Omarosa Manigault Newman Sunday night, accusing her of showing a blatant disregard for national security by recording her own…
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Some Big Names in Republican Fundraising Are Financing Trumps Legal Defense Fund

Some of the richest individuals in the energy, real estate, and casino industries are financing a controversial legal defense fund to help President…
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Manaforts Last Hope: Mueller or a Miracle

Judge T.S. Ellis will consider the amount of the fraud, the sophistication of the scheme, and Manaforts role as a leader. All things…
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Report: Michael Cohen Under Investigation for Tax Fraud

New York prosecutors are investigating whether Michael Cohen, President Trumps former personal attorney, committed tax fraud, according to The Wall Street Journal. The…
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Michael Cohen Debuts the Art of the Squeal

Michael Cohen has revolutionized the time-dishonored tradition of being a rat.Traditionally, rats begin wearing a wire after they get jammed up.Cohen may be…
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Jeff Sessions Religious Liberty Task Force Declares Holy War on LGBT People

Sadly it is no exaggeration, no hyperbole, to say that Attorney General LGBT people, LGBT equality, and LGBT rights on Monday. He declared…
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