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Tag Archives: Culture

The Return of MAD Magazine and Its All-New Gang of Idiots

More than 40 years ago this month, MAD Magazine founder William M. Gaines managed to outrage hundreds of his loyal readers, all by…
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There’s a lot you may have missed in Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ we’ve got you covered

Donald Glover premiered two new songs on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and while he was on stage, he also dropped a music…
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Donald Trump tells ‘Foxs & Friends’ he was too busy to get Melania a birthday gift

You can cut the affection with a knife.Image: AFP/Getty ImagesOf course Donald Trump is the kind of person who has time to rant…
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CGI Influencers Like Lil Miquela Are About to Flood Your Feeds

It doesn’t get more 2018 than this: In mid-April, a Trump-supporting Instagram influencer named Bermuda hacked the account of fellow influencer Lil Miquela,…
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MoviePass Revives Its Unlimited Plan

Some good news for once: After a two-week hiatus, the MoviePass unlimited subscription—the one that lets you see a movie a day, every…
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Queer astrology is having a moment. And it’s a big one.

Astrology is huge among LGBTQ communities.Image: vicky leta/mashableThere's something about astrology that's always been, well, kinda queer. Travel all the way back to…
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Stella McCartney: Only 1% of clothing is recycled. What are we doing?

The designers ethical stance made her a style outsider but now the industry is finally catching up. Ahead of a new V&A show,…
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Never felt more like singing the blues: Gibson guitar firm files for bankruptcy

The maker of a cherished rock mainstay is seeking bankruptcy protection after diversification led to devastating financial fallGibson Brands, the makers of rocks…
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Crafty guide dog leads owner to his favourite store whenever they’re at the mall

Even the most well-trained of our four-legged friends have a mischievous streak in them.  On Friday, Michele Sykora shared a video of her…
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Woman leaves a 3-star review on Yelp, then the manager showed up at her house

This restaurant took it way too far after someone left a mediocre review. Yesha Callahan had a rough experience after eating from La…
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