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Tag Archives: Culture

Mohamed El Bachiri: Terrorists killed my wife: this is my jihad for love

Mohamed El Bachiris wife, Loubna, died in a suicide attack in Brussels last year. He talks to Emma Beddington about his manifesto for peace…
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Face-sitting protest outside parliament against new porn rules

Sex workers and campaigners gather to demonstrate opposition to changes to UK pornography regulationsSex workers and campaigners have gathered in front of parliament…
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The keg party’s over: why gross-out comedies are going down the pan

Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen and the rest ruled comedy for more than a decade. But everyones wisecracking now from Marvel heroes to current…
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Devil’s Bargain review: Steve Bannon and the making of President Joe Pesci

Donald Trump takes second billing careful, Steve in a propulsive tale of the Goodfellas election heist that stunned Republicans, America and the worldNo…
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Lacking Seoul? Why South Korea’s thriving capital is having an identity crisis

From the confusing new slogan I.Seoul.U to the viral sensation of Gangnam Style an inside joke about the citys success that was lost…
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Which is the greatest Jane Austen novel?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen is one of the greatest English novelists. On the 200th anniversary of her death,…
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5 relationships I have ruined permanently without a second thought because they didn’t have A/C

Image: Shutterstock / ND700It's a sad but true fact of life: We must permanently cast away everyone in our lives who does not…
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Jay-Z: 4:44 review now for his side of the story

His spats with Kanye, his mothers sexuality, his betrayal of Beyonc the rapper lays it all bare on his 13th albumBeyoncs last album…
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Celeste Barber: ‘I get miffed with fashionistas thinking they are better than others’

The comedian and social media star on overnight Insta-fame, the weird world of fashion and embracing her comedy skillsCeleste Barber has a drinking…
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Eminem: Elton John got me off drugs

The rapper has revealed that he relied on Elton Johns support while battling an addiction to painkillersEminem, while struggling with drug addiction and…
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