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Tag Archives: Culture

If you must interview Sean Spicer about his new book, the BBC has shown how to do it.

Hey! Remember Sean Spicer? He just wrote a book. Spicer was President Donald Trump's first press secretary before resigning just 182 days into…
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Sarah Churchwell on Madonna: She remains the hero of her own story

The academic and author on the inspiration of Madonnas feminist legacyFor me, it was Americas smartest businesswoman; 23 years later, the magazine would…
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MoviePass is struggling and the memes are brutal

MoviePass is in a whole lot of trouble.Image: Darron Cummings/AP/REX/ShutterstockAs you've likely seen or experienced already, MoviePass is in all sorts of trouble.…
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Public versus private school a study found just one factor can make all the difference.

Many parents who want the best education for their children turn to private schools, assuming they will lead their kids to greater success.…
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Facebook deletes 4 pages belonging to Alex Jones and InfoWars

Alex Jones, probably trying to figure out how his Facebook pages got banned.Image: Getty ImagesDon't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls…
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This big sticker could unclog your toilet

It's not everyday (or ever) that you hear a charming and wholesome diarrhea story, but one man's tale about having diarrhea in front…
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City responds perfectly to complaint about black child selling food

Image: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesYou'd think people would stop calling the cops on young black kids who aren't actually affecting their lives in the…
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We can’t talk about Kylie Jenner’s $900 million worth without talking about privilege.

Newsflash: Kylie Jenner is really, really wealthy. Forbes just estimated her total worth, conservatively, at $900 million. Most of that wealth comes from…
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Trump left out one critical fact when congratulating France on the World Cup win.

France won the 2018 World Cup with a resounding 4-2 victory over Croatia on July 15. You could say they were pretty excited…
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Freaked-Out Americans Desperately Seek to Escape the News

Last week, Jen Wrenn, a children’s literacy advocate in San Diego, attended her first political protest after reading about the Trump administration policy of…
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