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Best deals for Oct. 17: Save on Apple iPad Pro, LG 4K TVs, Dyson vacuums, Audible, Echo Show, and more

Tablets and vacuums and laptops oh my!Image: amazon/walmart/mashable photo compositeYou want deals? We got deals. Save on tablets, vacuums, and Amazon devices, plus…
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17 young people leading the way toward a sustainable future

The Dyson Pure Cool.Image: Pete Pachal/Mashable Dyson Pure Cool $549 The Good Crazy simple to use • Informative app lets you control purifier…
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This might be the cutest AI-powered robot ever

Image: Lili Sams/MashableWindows Mobile? That's not really a thing anymore. But with the latest update to Windows, Microsoft is sending a message, that…
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10 of the best laptops for Windows 10

Although MacBooks have grown in popularity over the past decade, Microsoft is making a bit of a comeback among consumers with the release…
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Adobe focuses on a connected experience with the new Acrobat DC

The humble PDF file has been around for 25 years, and in that time, not much has changed. Making edits on a PDF…
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Boosting your Mac’s graphics performance with Blackmagic’s eGPU is more trouble than it’s worth

Blackmagic's eGPU was co-designed with Apple. No wonder it looks like the trash can Mac Pro.Image: raymond wong/mashable Blackmagic eGPU $699 If you…
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Meet the man who makes music with vegetables

Image: Pete Pachal/Mashable Plume SuperPods $199 (plus $60/year subscription) In case you've been living in a wireless bubble, mesh WiFi is where it's…
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Did Bose just invent the ultimate earplug?

Image: jacob krol/mashableSleep is a necessity, and missing out on it for whatever reason is never good. That's the reason sleep tech has…
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Review: BitDefender Box 2 is a Wi-Fi router that’s also a guard dog

The BitDefender Box 2 is a router built with security in mind.Image: Pete Pachal/Mashable BitDefender Box 2 $249.99 Outside of a coffee shop,…
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook testimony turned into a lesson of how the internet works

Image: VICKY LETA / MASHABLEEveryone take a moment of silence please — the free and open internet is all but dead. In December 2017…
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