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CONFIRMED! Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Officially ‘Back Together’!

We heard the rumors, we saw the pictures, and now we can say that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are officially back on!…
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9 Horror Movies VS The True Stories They’re Based On!

Have you noticed how many horror movies are "based on a true story"? That's not a new phenomenon! Everything from The Exorcist to…
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Sry, Tyrese! Vin Diesel Sides With Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson In The Latest Fast & Furious Drama That Includes The Rock’s Response!

What's one thing stronger than family? Franchise growth opportunities! And it looks that Vin Diesel is putting business before blood in the latest…
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Corey Feldman Ticketed On Misdemeanor Marijuana And Traffic Charges In Louisiana

A small town police department in Louisiana had to jail In addition to that, Mangham cops searched the bus and found both marijuana…
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Donald Trump’s Ex Ivana Calls Herself The ‘First Lady’ & Says She’s Worried About Melania’s Jealousy In Shady New Interview!

And we thought Ivana Trump's last interview was wild! BUT she does worry about how it makes She also has some backhanded words…
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Kathy Griffin Blasts ‘Spineless Heiress’ Anderson Cooper & ‘Fame-Whoring’ Lawyer Lisa Bloom In New Interview

But the 56-year-old starlet was really more focused on her feud with her "fame-whoring" lawyer during her recent interview! Discussing the disastrous June…
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Blac Chyna Is Now Suing The ENTIRE Kardashian Family!

There is no end to this drama! It's being reported on Tuesday that She's saying they made it so difficult for shooting of…
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Cardi B, Thrown Out Of An Albany Hotel For Weed, Accuses The City Of Being ‘Racist Motherfuckers’

It was a rough night in Albany, New York for rapper At one point, according to reports, she called someone on staff at…
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Blac Chynas Lawyer Claps Back At The KarJenners For Starting A ‘War’ Amid New Lawsuit: ‘Its On’

The back-and-forth continues! As we Lisa Bloom, the reality TV star's lawyer, is now speaking out about why it's so important for Chyna…
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Dumb And Dumber Star Lauren Holly Reveals Her Own Harvey Weinstein Encounter And Her Career Being Trashed Afterward!

If you were watching TV or movies in the '90s, you probably remember Lauren Holly. The actress was known offscreen as Mrs. But…
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