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This Billionaire Has Put Half His Net Worth Into Gold

Egypt’s Sawiris has put half his entire net worth into gold He’s been waiting 10 years for North Korea stakes to pay off…
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GM Firing 1,500 Workers Undermines Trump’s Boasts on Auto Jobs

General Motors Co. will fire as many as 1,500 workers at the end of June at the Ohio factory building the Chevrolet Cruze…
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Trump Says Mission Accomplished With Syria Strike Unanswered

Russia slams illegal attack at UN -- but doesn’t shoot back Pentagon says Assad chemical facilities significantly degraded nerve agent poisoning in England…
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Electric Buses Are Hurting the Oil Industry

About 279,000 barrels a day of fuel won’t be needed this year China adds a London-sized electric bus fleet every five weeks Source:…
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Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Warns of AI’s Dark Side

Artificial intelligence is a recurring theme in recent remarks by top executives at Alphabet. The company’s latest Founders’ Letter, penned by Sergey Brin,…
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Gmail Is Getting a Long-Overdue Upgrade

Google is beginning one of the biggest updates to Gmail in years.Starting Wednesday, the company is rolling out new features like Snooze buttons…
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When John Doerr Brought a Gift to Googles Founders

Venture capitalist John Doerr is best known for being an early backer of Google and Amazon, among many other companies. Doerr, chair of…
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Chinas $1 Billion White Elephant

Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port spurs worries in India, Japan Operator China Merchants is ‘hell bent’ on turning it aound helped ease "the Chinese…
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How to bring a high street back from the dead

Thousands of high street outlets have closed in the last decade, leaving behind a wasteland of betting shops. But one community in York…
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Google’s New AI Head Is So Smart He Doesn’t Need AI

Google’s heavy investment in artificial intelligence has helped the company’s software write music and beat humans at complex board games. What unlikely feats…
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