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Apple’s Latest iPhones Are Packed With AI Smarts

At a glance the three new iPhones unveiled next to Apple’s glassy circular headquarters Wednesday look much like last year’s iPhone X. Inside,…
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WeWork Is About to Start Selling Software

For as long as WeWork has been selling memberships to its coworking spaces, investors and analysts have quibbled about whether it’s an overvalued…
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Argentina seeks emergency release of $50bn in IMF funds amid financial crisis

President Mauricio Macri says lack of trust from the markets forces him to ask for help as peso weakens and inflation runs at…
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HP’s New 3-D Printers Build Items Not of Plastic but of Steel

When you think about 3-D printing, chances are you think of little plastic doodads created by desktop devices like those made by MakerBot.…
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AI Can Recognize Images. But Can It Understand This Headline?

In 2012, artificial intelligence researchers revealed a big improvement in computers’ ability to recognize images by feeding a neural network millions of labeled…
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Melinda Gates’ New Research Reveals Alarming Diversity Numbers

Executives at tech companies say gender diversity matters. They opine that there aren’t enough women in tech, and express outrage and frustration that…
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The Latest Battleground for Chipmakers: Self-Driving Cars

It may be a long time before you can own a truly self-driving car. But chipmakers are placing bets that you will.On Tuesday,…
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Ten years after Lehmans, itsas if weve learned nothing from the crash | Aditya Chakrabortty

Claims that the finance sector brings jobs and revenue were exposed as a sham and the rest of us inherited a legacy of…
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LeBron James backs Nike’s Kaepernick advert as Donald Trump renews NFL attack

Donald Trump and LeBron James once again find themselves on opposing sides as the fallout from Nikes decision to make Colin Kaepernick the…
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On the minimum wage one thing is clear: you get what you pay for

Academic studies have provided encouragement for both supporters and opponents of raising the minimum wage. Smart business owners already know the answerIn 2017,…
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