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Recognizing the Women Who Wove the Web

Claire L. Evans has discovered the solution to our social media woes: “Go back to BBS.” She means bulletin board systems, those grunge-era…
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Kushner Investors Subpoenaed by U.S. Tax Authorities, Source Says

U.S. tax authorities have requested documents from lenders and investors in real estate projects managed by Jared Kushner’s family, according to a person…
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Fired Google Engineer Loses Diversity Memo Challenge

Google’s firing of an engineer over his lawsuit accusing the internet giant of harassing him and others over their conservative political views. When…
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Regulator Seeks Kushner Loan Details From Deutsche Bank, Two Others

New York’s banking regulator has asked Deutsche Bank AG and a pair of local lenders to provide information about their relationships with Jared…
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AI Has a Hallucination Problem That’s Proving Tough to Fix

Tech companies are rushing to infuse everything with artificial intelligence, driven by big leaps in the power of machine learning software. But the…
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Another piece of your childhood bites the dust. Goodbye, Claire’s.

Claire's, a critical piece of my childhood, will close its stores.Image: Photo by David McNew/Getty ImagesAs a child, when my mom finally let…
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Why Are There Few Women in Tech? Watch a Recruiting Session

Each autumn, businesses flock to elite universities like Harvard and Stanford to recruit engineers for their first post-university jobs. Curious students pile into…
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Martin Shkreli jailed: ‘Pharma Bro’ sentenced to seven years for fraud

Shkreli, convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy, sought leniency from the court after calling the trial a witch-huntIn a packed Brooklyn courthouse on…
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First sustainable Lego pieces to go on sale

Range including leaves, bushes and trees made entirely from plant-based plastic sourced from sugar cane will be available later this yearThe first 2030.…
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How a $1.8 Billion Indian Bank Fraud Lasted Seven Years

The story of how India’s biggest bank fraud went undetected for seven years includes an $81 million cyber-heist in neighboring Bangladesh, penny-pinching lenders…
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